#11 30-10-2013 
Yup two more days - it will give me time to find some characters and a plot! Big Grin

Did you see the book cover? Big Grin Whipped up in 15 minutes - all my best graphics are. The ones that I um and ahh over look like crap (can I say that here?)

#12 30-10-2013 
Yay, the website is back up Smile Just had a peek at your bookcover, cannot make it larger Sad Is it an office door?

#13 30-10-2013 
Yes Smile it's 230 x 300 that's what they said it would shrink to.

#14 30-10-2013 
Cool Smile I really love your idea! Can't wait to read some excerpts!

#15 30-10-2013 
@kiri - small swearing is ok. Big swears, not allowed. Big Grin

And I know what you mean - my best pictures are usually accidents - unless I have B standing behind me saying "a bit left, a bit right, can you make that sim STOP doing that",etc .

#16 30-10-2013 
Thanks Lee. I'm not a big swearer, but there are some words I feel like they're not really swear words at all.

I need a B to stand behind me as well I think! Smile Does she have an Australian relatives? Big Grin

#17 31-10-2013 
Melbourne NanoWriMo had a write-in at midnight. I got 750 words done. Yay!

#18 01-11-2013 
Well done Kiri! I've just written 850 words, will do the other half somewhere tonight Smile

#19 02-11-2013 
Pace yourselves and... Fight On!

(nanashi will cheer you on from the sidelines)

#20 02-11-2013 
Thanks nanashi, it's very much needed. Only 1672 words so far, I literally need to double my writing speed! Or stop distracting myself with new recolors.


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