Slotted Mirrors
#11 10-01-2014 
Its the the bounding box that is making it that she cant place it without move objects on. I think.

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Thanks guys for all of your help! Prior to Honeywell's post, I did not add a slot to or test the Stockholm Wall Mirror. After running Honeywell's mirror in my dev game successfully, I added a slot to my Stockholm mirror and it worked without a hitch. However, as you can see from the following screenshot, the Isfjorden Floor Mirror that I have been testing is still not working. I figure this is related to the footprint, but I don't know what I would need to change to allow objects to snap into the slot without moveobjects on. I've upload the packaged and by the time you read this you should have a link to it in your message boxes. I've added Honeywell to the PM list. FYI it already has a unique GUID.
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I don't think it has anything to do with the bounding box, Lee.

There may be a solution here very soon.. *acts mysterious*. Big Grin The change I made definitely made the mirror and slot behave differently than it does for Nanashi. *continues acting mysterious* If the next change or 2 I make solves the problem, I'll be sure to let everyone know! (Slots added to floor mirrors apparently behave a lot differently than slots added to wall mirrors.)

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lol, ok, I just know that there are some kitchen things where the slot is not in a good spot (glass fronted) and so its hard to get to the slots past the box.

Looking forward to mystery update.

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All set. Nanashi the main problem was the objf wasn't pointing to the Init BHAV in the package so it wasn't reading the BHAV edit you did. I'm embarrassed to say how long it took me to notice that and I'm not even going to tell you everything I did up until that point. Tongue I'll remove the attachment as soon as you grab it.

ETA: I could have sworn you were just here. I removed it and I'll pm you a link to Mediafire.

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Thank you, so much for your help! I will download it now.

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You have no idea how funny this is. *invites everyone into her brain* The BHAV/OBJF connection was something I'd noticed not long before HW posted. I guess the invite into my brain is for everyone BUT HW, since she's obviously already there. Big Grin (Remember to keep your hands and feet in the car at all times....)

Edit: Forgot to tell you (this will be useful for future floor mirrors): If you add the slot to the Practical (floormirrormoderate for this mirror) you can use the actual Z coordinate (0.30 for this mirror).
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Okay, so I changed the OBJF INIT from 0x201E to 0x1000, tested it in the game and IT WORKS! Thank you guys sooooo much and thank you (thankyouthankyouthankyou) to Honeywell for solving this. To be honest, I never would have checked the OBJF because I don't think I've ever even looked at that section in SIMPE. Considering all the time I spent trying to fix this before I gave up and resorted to OMSPs, I should have asked for help earlier~✩

I feel like I monopolize the WIP forum Blush Sorry, I'm always asking you guys for help.

Ironically, I posted a help request on Tumblr so that I wouldn't bug leefish members, but the only people with suggestions were leefish members on Tumblr!

Edit: In case anyone surfing the net for the same fix stumbles on this thread... to add a working slot to a floor mirror:

- follow HugeLunatic's Tutorial
- (from Moune's Tutorial) add BHAV Expression -> My support strength := Literal 0x0003 or 0x0005 (both numbers work)
- check the OBJF to make sure the BHAV is properly linked

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No no Nanashi - monopolising the WIP forum is my job! Big Grin You're just helping out. Smile

Although I did not help this at all - I'm looking forward to the end results.

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(10-01-2014 11:40 PM)mustluvcatz Wrote:  Edit: Forgot to tell you (this will be useful for future floor mirrors): If you add the slot to the Practical (floormirrormoderate for this mirror) you can use the actual Z coordinate (0.30 for this mirror).

Thanks for that information! That will save folks from the extra math step of subtracting the joint1 z-trans from the slot z-trans.


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