Problem of object positioning...
#11 06-03-2014 
When I use the touchpad, it is also the same. Just when I double click (with my finger) to drop the object at 45°, it won't let me and that object gets back to a 90° position.

So, anyway, is it absolutely certain that there is no key that would let us drop an object after having chosen an orientation?

Mmh, I also must test in Life Stories...

#12 06-03-2014 
try a wired mouse. Really.

#13 06-03-2014 
Well, ok, I'll borrow one of these old mice at work. If that works, it would be really odd! Smile

#14 07-03-2014 
I hate wireless mouses (mice just doesn't seem right when referring to this kind of mouse, lol)

#15 07-03-2014 
Yeah, wireless mice are stupid. They need to be charged, or their battery needs to be replaced. And if you have multiple, how do you know which mouse goes with which puter?

Wired mice don't have these issues. They are available for work 24/7, and you never need to wonder which mouse is 'wired' to which puter.

#16 07-03-2014 
Yea, it seems that Poisson is using the inbuilt touchpad on the Win8 laptop he owns. It may well have some fancy functions that TS2 just doesn't like. A wired mouse with a driver and options that are easily accessible is probably the best way to go.

#17 07-03-2014 
Oh, Win8 too, huh? That doesn't make things easier... TS2 and Win8 aren't all too fond of each other. Very hard to make them cooperate properly.

#18 07-03-2014 
@BoilingOil yes, given the config of TS2, Win8 and a dual card laptop it is really amazing Poisson has any TS2 at all.....

#19 07-03-2014 
Same damn issue raised recently with my trackpad tooHuh
Perhaps another driver update
Poisson,is your trackpad driver provider elan?
Also objects snap to facing front of the lot?
Poisson is your game in a compatibility mode?Windows Vista?
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#20 10-03-2014 
Hi people! Didn't find any wired mouse at work. So, I think I'm gonna buy one. Hope this will work.

Oesalian, yes my trackpad is from ELAN. And concerning the objects, no, they don't necessarily move to facing front of the lot. They just change direction while I'm dropping them. So, if I want them to get a certain orientation, it's a matter of a few tries before it gets good. Apart from the diagonal orientation, which appears simply impossible, despite the fact that an object can be at 45° -before- placing it, that is to say when I didn't click yet to place it.

Hope that makes sense. Smile And hopefully, a wired mouse will resolve my problem.


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