Challenge - June 2014 - Playing!
#1 03-06-2014 
So many of us create rather than play that I thought that this month would be interesting to do a play challenge to get us out of our comfort zone.

Don't Panic!! It won't take long, it won't take you much time at all - and it will be fun.

So this is how it goes -

Take 2 or more sims, on a lot (doesn't matter what kind)

Have them talk to each other and record their thought bubbles.

When you have a set of 3 or more thought bubbles for each person -
Post at least one picture up here so we can see who the sims were.
And either post up the thought bubbles or write them down - with the conversation that you imagine them having.

Example: (12 Images)
Our favourite girls - Nina and Dina Caliente (Dina is the blonde, Nina is the redhead)

[Image: talk01.jpg]
Dina: I'm not a mind reader you know.

[Image: talk02.jpg]
Dina: You're going to have to TALK to me!

[Image: talk03.jpg]
Nina: Talk to you? Why the hell would I want to talk to you?

[Image: talk04.jpg]
Nina: How about I scream Sunday at you!! It is my day off!

[Image: talk05.jpg]
Dina: Ice-cream Sundae. Oh ha. very funny.

[Image: talk06.jpg]
Dina: You're going to have to flip that one over! It's Sunday the only day you talk to me!

[Image: talk07.jpg]
Nina: Flip it over yourself. If I wanted to talk to you, I'd have a mental lobotomy.

[Image: talk08.jpg]
Nina: Besides which you're a frozen-hearted tart.

[Image: talk09.jpg]
Dina: I'm a frozen-hearted tart?

[Image: talk10.jpg]
Dina: Well you are a robot!!!

[Image: talk11.jpg]
Nina: I'm a robot??

[Image: talk12.jpg]
Nina: Darling, I make Robots look Good!

Feel free to open a thread of your own for your own conversation and link it here. Smile
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#2 03-06-2014 
lol love it! Will have to have a go!

#3 10-06-2014 
Excellent!! Enjoyed that very much!

#4 10-06-2014 
Will you join in Felicity? That would be great!

#5 16-06-2014 
ok finally got a convo done
This is between Meadow Thayer and Mitchell Broke.

[Image: Sims2EP92014-06-1521-12-23-89.jpg]

[Image: Sims2EP92014-06-1521-12-27-37.jpg]

[Image: Sims2EP92014-06-1521-14-20-09.jpg]

[Image: Sims2EP92014-06-1521-27-36-54.jpg]

[Image: Sims2EP92014-06-1521-32-00-45.jpg]

[Image: Sims2EP92014-06-1521-32-53-11.jpg]

[Image: Sims2EP92014-06-1521-13-13-90.jpg]

[Image: Sims2EP92014-06-1521-13-17-98.jpg]

[Image: Sims2EP92014-06-1521-13-34-46.jpg]

[Image: Sims2EP92014-06-1521-14-26-09.jpg]

[Image: Sims2EP92014-06-1521-15-49-98.jpg]

[Image: Sims2EP92014-06-1521-15-46-98.jpg]

[Image: Sims2EP92014-06-1521-15-59-32.jpg]

[Image: Sims2EP92014-06-1521-29-17-51.jpg]

[Image: Sims2EP92014-06-1521-16-06-29.jpg]

#6 16-06-2014 
lol Tiff - that was fun Big Grin

#7 16-06-2014 
lol very funny, Tiff, I must try this Big Grin

#8 16-06-2014 
That's hilarious Tiff! good job!

#9 23-06-2014 
Kiri's entry for the June Challenge

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