Challenge - July 2014 - Toddler Month!
#21 11-07-2014 
Aww Jo, those are adorable! Big Grin

I have one as well. It's actually a title pic for one of my (old) uploads, but I think it's cute anyway. Smile

#22 11-07-2014 
That's splendidly cute! Those cute little Vulcan ears and haircut!

#23 11-07-2014 
The ears were the upload. Big Grin I know, don't they look adorable on toddlers? You just want to tickle that little point! Smile

#24 11-07-2014 
Seriously seriously cute Nix! Smile Tickle it or nibble on it!

#25 11-07-2014 
Glad you like them Big Grin I have tons of baby and toddler pictures

A little Vulcan, very cute. Big Grin

#26 11-07-2014 
Keep posting them Jo - I'm loving it. Big Grin

#27 12-07-2014 
I just popped on over to see if you wanted any more lol.

These toddlers are from Riverview, my tiny self sufficient island community where everyone is BBF and they just walk into each others houses, sleep in each others beds and look after each others kids. So most of these tots are being interacted with adults who are not their parent.

#28 12-07-2014 
Seriously, seriously cool Jo - I love the look on the kitty's face too - it's definitely a 'Help?!' Big Grin


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