Challenge - July 2014 - Toddler Month!
#1 30-06-2014 
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Fairy Nuff says 'EA are gold diggers'! Fancy leaving out Toddlers from TS4?!

So this month - lets celebrate Toddlers, Pools, and heights in our Sims. After all, it's the players and our imagination and love that has given this game the awesomeness and longevity.

To join in, just post something toddlerish, pool-ish, or height-ish. It can be screenshots from your game, stories, CC Links , Downloads for any of the current games (1,2,3) Sims 1 has pools!

From 1 July where-ever in the world it starts first to the last hour of the last 31 July 2014 on the planet - feel free to post those toddlers and other stuff that makes us go Awww!
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#2 01-07-2014 
Links. Big Grin
Toddler Month on Tumblr

Day 1 - Recolours of Echo's Toddler Pools.
Day 2 - Recolours of Swimmers
Day 3 - Recolours of Rebekah's Swim Tube
Day 4 - Natureskon Nursery
Day 5 - Airelda's Woolley dresses
Day 6 - Humpty Dumpty Nursery Wallpaper by Klaartje
Day 7 - And... we took a rest.
Day 8 - Offi Nursery Update and recolours
Day 9 - Buggybooz set kicked my ass... but I won
Day 10 - Buggy Booz Oh Baby Nursery Update and recolours
Extra post to make up for Day 9 - Buggy Booz Oh Baby Nursery Recoloured in MLC Palette
Day 11 - EA Cribbing in MLC Palette - Plain recolours
Day 12 - EA Cribbing in MLC Palette - Polkadot recolours
Day 13 - Buggy Booz Oh Baby Nursery Set - Repositoried to Jonesi Blanket (non-default only)
Day 14 - EA Potties in MLC Palette - Plain Recolours
Day 15 - EA High Chair in MLC Palette - Polkadot Recolours
Day 16 - EA Toy box in MLC Palette
Day 17 - EA Peg Box in MLC Palette Themes
Day 18 - EA Talking Rabbit in MLC Palette Themes
Day 19 - EA Toy Oven in MLC Palette Themes
Day 20 - EA Xylophone in MLC Palette Themes
Day 21 - Working on Day 22's gift.
Day 22 - Pool Lane Dividers
Day 23 - Pool Lane Tiles

Sims 3
A small tutorial on how to do a toddler pool in Sims 3 by danjaley
New toddler/child hair - Fenris by champion of simswall

Converted Raine Boots by the path of nevermore

Ceiling suspended Swing for toddlers

Sims 2
Pool walls and floors - by Jedpie (Trapping/Lina)
Nix Nivis' Amazing Rocking Horse!
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#3 01-07-2014 
Great topic Kiri! But pardon my ignorence (again) what do you mean about leaving out heights? And is it gonna make me as mad as them leaving out toddlers and pools??
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#4 01-07-2014 
Tiff - Teens, Adults, Young Adults, and Elders are all going to be the same size - so basically we have 2 heights - children and everyone else. (Babies don't count).

#5 01-07-2014 
[Image: yeah-im-mad-now-thumb.jpg]

Thats all I have to say about that, what utter garbage they are producing!

#6 02-07-2014 
I'm wondering if i could make some walls... if i can remember how I did it, it's been a year ago at least and if I can get home crafter to run.

#7 02-07-2014 
Jo - if you have trouble with homecrafter, let me know I bet I can get it working for you. Big Grin

#8 02-07-2014 
With the heights, that sucks. I am 12 and about the height of my dad, I am taller than my mum and my grandparents, and a lot of other family members

#9 02-07-2014 
@danielroxheaps - I agree that teens today are tall. But the point is that the different heights/postures make it much easier to identify which sim is which from a distance when playing - this is where game mechanics are more important than "realism". I won't say we are a group of TS4 haters, more sceptics. Most of us are hoping that TS4 does not turn out to be a pile of trash.

#10 02-07-2014 
@leefish I acknowledge that the heights are helpful to understand which age status a sim is at, kind of annoying that there are only 2 sizes. They should add a 'Ask age'. I actually quite like TS4, I never liked Babies nor Toddlers, and I wont use pools a lot!

@leefish It seems like its getting to the point where it is close to rubbish, they take out quite a bit. I think The Sims 4 is a bigger mistake than The Sims 3, which is a mistake compared to The Sims 2 in my opinion
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