September Challenge - Another House Makeover!
#11 03-09-2014 
Awesome thanks Kiri! I am loving this floor plan by the way! House you built has got good bones!

#12 03-09-2014 
oh haha here I was feeling a little burnt out and then I see this and I'm all excited and motivated, thank you kiri Big Grin

sept 30 edit: phooey! my game is doing this thing where if I edit a lot in one hood, place it in my lots bin and try to place it in another hood, it never loads ;_; I also went bulldozer-happy and I can't find my remodeled nouveau house anywhere waaah
Is it okay to post pics in October for the September challenge? *dramatic sigh*
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#13 03-10-2014 
Yes of course!


Sorry, that is a members only option