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Just found this awesome looking bath set, everything is build your own, and taps ect can be shifted if you have AL, Im rather excited! Celebrate

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#5 22-09-2014
OK -
Tub is made from a bookcase
Shower Rod is made from a painting
Shower base is made from a painting
Shower faucet is made from a painting
Shower Nozzle is made from a painting
Shower Curtain is made from a painting

They haven't been recategorised so they don't appear in the bathroom, and show up under deco/walls.

The Tub which is a bookcase - can have books gotten from it.

For players - it's not useful. For decorators - as long as you know where the things are, it is useful. It's got some weird texture groups on it. So it's not necessarily going to be easy to recolour.

They only have 1 footprint.

#6 22-09-2014
Thanks Kiri good to know where it all is, shame it cant be used as a bath/shower, but yes, very good for decorators.

#7 22-09-2014
Love the bathroom, but don't love adfly! Thanks for the skip.

reading above- a bookcase?! lol that's the funniest thing I've heard all day. So it's deco only?

#8 22-09-2014
* fanseelamb flails

A bookcase! Well, that's ....creative. Wish they'd put that sort of info in the post. Thanks for investigating, kiri!

* fanseelamb starts to wonder about the poly counts too....


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