OCTOBER Challenge - Finish the September Challenge!
#1 03-10-2014 
I know that some of us got distracted at the end of last month, and so the house never got finished in time.

Well... this month you can finish it! And I want to see lots of lovely pictures. Big Grin

The september challenge with appropriate downloads
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#2 03-10-2014 
Oh phew, cos I want to finish mine!

#3 03-10-2014 
Yay!!!! Im killing two birds with one stone and using this house to also complete another challenge at BPS! Big Grin

#4 23-10-2014 
Here is my finished September/October challenge house. I converted it into an Art Deco house, inside and out.


#5 23-10-2014 
I love, love, love, love this one Karen!!

#6 24-10-2014 
It's so beautiful!! Bravo Karen!

#7 24-10-2014 
Oh, awesome! Mine is in an almost finished state. Smile

#8 24-10-2014 
Great to hear that Lunie!

#9 29-10-2014 
Karen, I love it! Like close-to-crying over how beautiful and full of creative ideas it is!

And kiri that little 1-tile bookcase nook that cut into the foyer drove me nuts because it CUT INTO THE FOYER Big Grin
But I had a great time working on this, I gave myself the challenge of minimal cc too! I furnished it as if the Brokes won the lottery and got to move here so it has a I-have-all-this-money-now-but-I'm-not-used-to-spending-money feel to it Smile

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#10 29-10-2014 
Ooh Shasta I love yours too and the back story! Big Grin


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