Computer has died
#41 05-02-2015 
Whoosh! guys crack me up Big Grin Glad you're back!

#42 07-02-2015 
My computer caught whatever yours had Big Grin My laptop motherboard blew up last week. I have to rip the HD out this weekend so that I can retrieve all my files. The good news is I bought an MSI gaming laptop and finally have a decent 1920x1080 screen again to work with as well as two decent video cards for better screenshots... now if I can just catch up with my classes this weekend, I'll be able to sim again really soon!

#43 07-02-2015 
Aww nanashi - that sucks! Glad you have a new laptop thought. And I really hope you catch up with your classes. It's lovely to have the sims to relax with. Smile


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