Sims 2 Download Limits
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the other thing is using the compressorizor to make the files smaller.

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Thank you again BoilingOil and everyone for the clarity. I guess I am being forced to delete, delete. Which is very sad. With this rig I really should be able to have every single download ever made, lol, but alas I cannot.

Celebkiriedhel I did use the compressorizer before it was appx 8 GB it was like 13GB. So that didn't help me either.

I run the new stuff alone works, I did compressorizer, I used CFF explorer to force windows to run the sims 2 with more that 2GB of ram. I did a GUID search in simspe to see if there are any duplicate GUID files. I ran delphies download organizer and each package is in its own folder according to how it is set up in the sims (ie. Appliances, sub folders, fridge, stoves, small appliances and so on.) I checked in delphies for duplicates. I checked delphies for orphans ( I know orphans can or cannot be orphans). I ran that hack conflict thing to see if any conflicting hacks there. I randomly took out download subfolders to see if there was some kind of conflict there. I've thought about going to game design school to re-write the game. I have done it all.

In the end............ I will cry and delete. Then cry again and delete more.

I don't think I can bare to get it down to 2GB but maybe 6ishhhhh 7.

Thank you again everyone.

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I think we're in the same boat, @melismcken
I posted in this thread:

Paraphrased and compiled, I said...
I have a high-end gaming "rig" that is 6 years old (ancient now, I know)
Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 @ 3.00GHz 3.15 GHz; 8GB RAM; 750 Watt PSU - with extra fans, heat spreaders, etc. Gauges on the case never indicate high temps.
Vista Premium 64bit, Nvidia card - Graphic Rules has been tweaked by Kiri
All EPs/SPs (except H&M) - 4Gb CC (but I have a lot more I want to add!)
Black box issue - so, shadows are set to medium
I use Gunmod's lighting with HP's seasonal tweaks
LAA/CFF is applied (to both the game and SimPE) - set to 3Gb+
DEP is turned off for the Sims and Bodyshop
My CC is organised, and compressorized - file names have no special characters
With and without setting the Affinity - so the game only uses 1 core - I still get crashes if I try adding in more CC*
All GUIDs have been checked - the only dupes are the few defaults I use (about 20 of 'em, I think)
HDCU does not come up with anything unexpected/resolved
Moo's Hood Checker shows my hoods are completely clean
DDO shows no dupes or unexplained orphans

Yet - I still get crashes. Every crash report says it is an ACCESS VIOLATION - which doesn't really help me much, as no one knows how to read them.

*NOTE: the CC I'm trying to add has been tested, and works, IF I swap it out instead of adding it. Like there is some sort of limit that I've reached?

I've been told that the 'Access Violation' crash reports are telling me I'm running out of RAM. And that I probably have too much CC. 4Gb is too much? Really?? But, I have friends who easily have over 20Gb - and are on older PCs with less RAM. How is this??? What is my problem??? AAAArgh! This is so frustrating Sad

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@melismcken, if you say you've done all that, and also say your game didn't run properly on your 16GB RAM machine... it makes me wonder if the problem might be corrupt CC after all, like BO suggested before. Just because the DDO and SimPE and HCDU don't report any problems, it unfortunately doesn't mean there aren't any. Those programs only check for specific problems, they don't check for any and all kinds. Undecided

You say you've "randomly" taken out subfolders to check for conflicts. I'd try doing it not-randomly, by using the 50/50 method. So, you take out half your downloads, and see if the game runs. If it does, then switch halves (put the half you now know is fine somewhere else, and put the other one in), and again see if the game runs. If it runs fine both times, then you know it's probably the sheer amount of CC that's the problem. But if it doesn't even though you "only" have 4.5 GB or so in? Then the problem is more likely to be a piece (or several pieces) of CC. And then you just keep splitting your downloads in halves until you find it.

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(25-03-2015 02:12 PM)celebkiriedhel Wrote:  the other thing is using the compressorizor to make the files smaller.

Absolutely true, Kiri. But that will only help with start-up time, because there is less harddisk space to read to get the same files. Once loaded in memory, however, the files will be expanded to full size again in order for the game to be able to use them. At that time, they will again use all the space that the uncompressorized file would too. Therefor *if* memory is the issue here - which we still haven't proven that it isn't - then compressorizing isn't the solution that works in *this* case. It's still wise to do, though!

@CatherineTCJD; Vista? I'm inclined to scream "Well see, THAT is your problem!" Big Grin

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I have attached 2 pics one is of the whole downloads folder and one is how I have each folder organized. So when I say I randomly take them out I mean like this:

1. I would put in the new custom content I just downloaded with all the downloads - fail
2. I will pull out a random folder and leave the new download folder so I would lets say pull out decorative leave in new downloads - works
3. put decorative back in with new download there - fail
4. pull out anything sims (which = clothing, hair, eyes, beards all stuff sims) leave in the new downloads folder - works
5. put back anything sims with new downloads folder - fail
6. take out hack folder leave in new downloads folder - works.

So random like that, just adding and removing stuff. So just moving stuff around. At one point I just left the new downloads folder in there then started adding all the other folders 1x1. So I would get to the point that it would fail lets say at windows. Im like ooo its the windows that is conflicted. Take out windows put in new DL with all other downloads works. put in Windows alone with new DL's folder works. So then there is no conflict.

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It's a bit of a messy method in my opinion, @melismcken. But it does sound like you are just at the limit of what *your* system can handle. If you take *any* one folder out - doesn't really matter what you take out, it seems -, the new downloads work well. But if you put the removed files back in again, the game stalls.

So it appears that you will have to make choices. Look long and hard at your custom content and then think long, hard and deep about which of the files you absolutely cannot imagine playing without, and which ones you're not really very likely to miss. The former you keep, but the latter may need to be removed in favor of some of the new content.
And maybe you should look at the so-called high-poly meshes first, because they are the worst offenders when considering their resource usage.

Still, I *do* agree with @NixNivis that you may need to check whether some of your files could be corrupted. Corruption, after all, will not show up as orphans, duplicates, or even conflicting mods. They are just broken internally, and the only way to detect that is that the game will not run when they're in. The 50-50 method is ideal for weeding them out - though I must admit, it can be a tedious and lengthy procedure. And the more CC you have, the more tedious it becomes...

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Sidenote: BO I have vista as well....On my laptop and it plays ts4 no problems.. Smile at least for now, lol. I really like vista, not sure why.

Melismcken I am in no way as tech savvy as BO or any of the other simmers who have posted suggestions. I do have some user suggestions that I have done for myself in the past.
Hopefully one of them will come in handy for you.

Do you play with all of your CC at one setting? If not move it to a themed folder that you can place in your game when you are ready to play that "theme" like Holiday stuff, nautical, country, medieval.

Have you tried defragging your system? When I had a slower desktop (or too many downloads) I defragged and closed all background items except for the things that was needed to create more virtual memory. You don't need the itunes helper if you aren't running your apple products. I just about closed everything except for the essentials.

Although you might think you don't have a conflict/corrupt file you might have items that don't really want to be ran together and it doesn't have to be a conflict/corrupt file just items that don't like each other.

Do all of your meshes have a recolor?

Did you install a house that might have one too many hacks, cc items, etc...

Can you buy more RAM if your computer/wallet can handle it, same with graphics card, and other pc stuff?

I know you really want to keep all of your stuff in your game but is it really worth it...

I ran into the same problem with my computer I have been going through my cc for almost a year and found that I have a lot of "junk" that causes problems in the game. I don't have a lot of hacks in the game, no custom careers, etc... I do need to verify the meshes and poly of some items. Again only suggestions. Good luck and happy simming.

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@ranabluu, I was ofcourse joking there, right? Tongue

Anyway, I'm sure that there are a few people around who are still running Vista. And some of them may even be able to run some of the modern games on it without much trouble. But more often than not, I hear - even from XP-users - how Vista sucked. And I didn't even really like XP (although in retrospect it was adequate), because I was more of an ME person. Smile

I can't believe, though, how none of the so-called tech-savvy simmers here (myself included, for what that's worth) did not mention defraggling much MUCH sooner in this thread, considering how we're all supposed to know how important a clean defragged disk is to running TS2. That was a good suggestion you made, there!

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*sigh* Yes, Vista. I didn't have a choice - it had just been released. I wanted to stick with XP.

For what it's worth - I'm set up to defrag once a week. And I did a full defrag about 2 weeks ago, just before I started the weekly set up.

I've done the 50/50 dance - for the last year+ - and I truly think I've ruled out conflict/corruption. More than 4.5Gb of CC will cause a crash for me. Which really really sucks! (Like a big ol' vacuum!) 'Cuz the CC I have, in that 4.5Gb, are completer/add on type sets - so it seems like I don't have any CC at all! I have hardly any new 'styles' of furniture in my game.


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