Modding a table (that looks like an armoire) into a functioning dresser
#21 28-05-2015 
See how much I don't know. I did send you the original file -___-. But in the new file that I have attached "again" they have the same names also. What I did was I clicked on the Tinhouse's armoire GMDC and exported it out from plugin view in the content tab. Then I imported it in the same way to the ant blue dresser clone original. I named it so that I wouldn't get so confused. But then I got confused. It does come in under the GMDC preview window. So here it is again.

Thank you and I hope you get a good nights rest. Its 4 pm here. EST. Smile

I swear Im not this confusable lolol.

And sorry about that confusion. I will keep playing with the pie menu strings and pie menu functions. Perhaps by the time you wake up there will be a miracle and It will be all fixed and the world will be well again.

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#22 28-05-2015 
Regarding donations - I did encourage kiri to add her amazon wishlist, and any member can add a link to that in their signature. Because sometimes, you might want to thank ONE person with a small gift and a wishlist is perfect for that; if the donation is for the site, then yea, the donate link.

#23 29-05-2015 
In between reading (just got into a series with a character called Finn McCoy who's a paranormal/supernatural "handler".. he takes care of things) and whatever else I keep getting myself into- I've got your package open in SimPE. First thing I did was check the Scenegrapher. Everything there looks okay except for one thing- all of the textures are in the package. Since you've just got the one, you can keep just the default texture (the one ending in blue) and delete all of the rest from the TXMT and MMAT.

It's not a huge problem that they're still in the package. Deleting them just makes for a tidier package. Smile Now- back to flipping back and forth between reading and looking at SimPE. When I spot a real problem, I'll let you know!

#24 29-05-2015 
HI mustluvcatz (MLC), that is awesome. Sounds like an interesting book. Wow talk about multitasking. I just got into reading Game of Thrones, still on the first book. But I watch the series and the books give you a lot of insight into what the characters are thinking. I love it.

Any who I took a day off yesterday from my pie menu stuff because I had to take my pooch (Cachi the Chihuahua) to the vet for full periodontal cleaning and I didn't think he was going to come back in such a state. He was like a lump of clay didn't want to move, couldn't even cry correctly it was so pathetic, my poor baby. Hes better today, running around like the little spit fire like he usually is. Thank goodness for vet pet insurance gunna save me like $350.00.

So going to start working on this in a few (hi ho, hi ho, its off to SimPe I go), thank you so much for looking into my package. I will delete all of the non-necessary files.

#25 29-05-2015 
Me, I'm a great fan of A Song of Ice and Fire. Smile I quite like Game of Thrones, too; IMO sometimes it's more "inspired by" than "based on" the books, but these last couple of seasons, I think the writers have been getting better and better at making the changes in a way that 1) makes sense and 2) keeps to the spirit to the books if not the letter, and this is something I greatly appreciate. It feels like they respect us book-readers that way. (To me, season 2 was just a big "up yours" to us people who've read the books, because there, many of the changes they made (IMO) weren't just unnecessary, they also made no sense whatsoever. I mean, I understand that they have to make changes, there's no way you can turn those doorstop books into a TV series otherwise, but I think you should at least try to do it with a little finesse. Here, it was like they were saying "we're going to change EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE just because we can, and you can't do anything about it! NYAH-NYAH!" Dodgy But after that, I think they've been getting increasingly better at it. Season 5 is my favourite season yet!)

Anyway. Back to business! Big Grin The good news is that I don't think we need to do a step-by-step thing at all, because in this last armoire you seem to have done everything you need to do and have done it right (there are those extra textures MLC mentioned, but just as she said they don't do any harm). It has unique GUIDs, the CRES looks happy, the BHAVs look good, you've even got the right pie menu strings and functions. Two thumbs up! The only problem I can find with it is that pesky crashes-game-on-placement thing. Wink But looking at the package, I really can't see any reason for it to be doing so - except possibly the non-standard fixed integrity. That's really the only thing that looks like a potential game crasher to me. (@mustluvcatz, can you see anything I'm missing?)

I hope you don't hate me forever for saying this, but... I think you'll need to reclone it. (Look on the bright side, you'll be able to do this in your sleep when we're done! Wink) But this time, when you fix integrity? Only replace the "armoirequaint" part, before the first dash, and only use letters and numbers. No spaces, no special characters, no commas or full stops or underscores - just letters and numbers. Caps are okay, but nothing fancier than that. Smile Other than that, keep on doing what you've been doing, because it looks good. We'll wrestle this thing into submission yet!

#26 30-05-2015 
I was kind of waiting for you to come along, lol. I couldn't see anything wrong with the package either. Smile So I did what I always do when I'm stumped - leave SimPE open, ignore it and go do something else. And then I got totally distracted.. and then it was Friday afternoon, kids were everywhere... now that they're gone (well, mine are still here!) I can get back to DOING NOTHING because there's nothing for me to do here!

So I'm gonna go back to reading. *checks Amazon balance* Yay! More books here I come. Smile I love Bing, I do so many searches that my points rack up fast. I decided to use some of them to get $20 in gift cards. Now I've got to earn them back so I can spend them on gift cards for the boys like I usually do. House full of kids again tomorrow and there'll be no reading then!

#27 30-05-2015 
@mustluvcatz you get points from Bing searches. Please tell me how that sounds like something right up my alley.

And to both @NixNivis & @mustluvcatz you wont believe this but I finally got the dresser to work. I don't know if it was NixNivis suggestion about "Only replace the "armoirequaint" part" or the fact that since I got this new computer I re-downloaded SimPe and got the UC instead of all the single games I had. SimPe wasn't mapping to the correct locations of all the EP. So I had to go in and change all the mapping to locate the games. Then I recloned and did all the rest the same with replacing the armoirequaint (before the -) with a new name, changed the GUID's added in the GMDC and TXTR and walla it worked correctly in the game. I didn't even need to pull in pie menu strings or pie menu functions. It just worked, I got some of the recolors that twinkle made for Tinhouses mesh to work also I had to change the GUID's in the recolors and update the MMAT's in the mesh. Im so happy and proud.

<Melismcken stands at podium>
I would like to thank first and foremost NixNivis for her continuing guidance through this daunting task that was laid before me. If it wasn't for you Id be in a corner rocking, in a madd house with only one hair left on my head.
I would also like to thank mustlovcatz for her reminding me there was actually a real world out there besides recreating meshes. And giving me the knowledge to clone from an original game mesh instead of trying to pull BHAV's in.
Finally Id like to thank Boilingoil for giving me patience.


No but seriously ty ty so much for helping me with this. Im diving back in to see why some of twinkles recolors work but others don't. Weird.

P.S. and for Leefish for making this site Smile

#28 31-05-2015 
Check the GUID in the MMAT of the recolor. If the GUID doesn't match the mesh's GUID (in the case of a mesh with more than 1 OBJ, be sure you're checking for the right one!) that would most likely be the reason the recolor doesn't work.

There could be another reason, so IF the GUIDs DO match? Someone can take a look at one of the broken recolors for you. Smile

#29 03-06-2015 
Late to the party, but GO YOU, @melismcken! That's great! Celebrate And happy to help! Smile


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