Improved banking object
#11 02-08-2015 
There are limitations to what one can do within the Simantics language. Do you know the menu that open when you buy food from the OFB food stands? That is the closest one can come to what you're suggesting. And the only place where you can use the keyboard to enter anything, is when you're naming a baby that was just born. There simply is no routine that reads numbers from an input and translates that into usable data. Even the tools to MAKE such a routine don't exist. EAxis never included such tools.

So I'm sorry, but though I agree that this would absolutely be awesome, I will never be able to make it possible.

#12 02-08-2015 
I realize it wasn't me that made the request but it sounds really interesting to me too Smile

#13 03-08-2015 
Everyone is welcome to express their support or any kind of comments to request threads, @gayars. We love to hear anyone's input on these subjects Big Grin

#14 04-08-2015 
That explains why there aren't more things around where you can set the numbers Smile Good to know, for the future.


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