Quirky Little Gems
#11 03-07-2015 
Since I don't play the game too often I haven't noticed too many of these things. The only thing I've really noticed is kids swinging on the refrigerator door, which was cute for a minute then started to annoy me. I was like "Hey, your kid is swinging on the refrigerator door. Aren't you going to go stop them? What are you doing?!? Put that down and go stop your kid!!".

I'm going to have to load my game and actually play. Some of these things I need to see for myself. Smile

* mustluvcatz would like to point out that she has plenty of free time this weekend so has no reason to procrastinate

#12 03-07-2015 
That's a good one! i have seen them swing on the refrigerator door before, but completely forgot about it!!

#13 03-07-2015 
(03-07-2015 09:28 PM)fanseelamb Wrote:  Also, BO, that cheaty cancel-restart thing to teach skills faster - do you know if it works on the special Freetime book skills too? My sim is currently studying Physiology and he seems to be learning it a lot faster than expected. I did cancel and restart a few times, not for that purpose, just because I wanted him to go do other things. I had assumed he just has an innate talent for physiology but maybe the cancelling had something to do with it. Tongue

Nope, as far as I am aware, the cancel/restart trick ONLY works with the OFB business perks. But I'm clearly not privvy to *all* tips/tricks/cheats in the game. So it *could* also work for those special FT/AL skills on the bookcase without me knowing about it. I just can't say for sure. Sorry.

#14 03-07-2015 
You guys know about the smart milk and the thinking cap stacking, right? That's kind of an easy one, for passing on some skills. Helps with teaching skills, as well... But i'm not sure if the thinking cap stacks. The teacher and the student (for lack of better terms) can both wear 'em, but I don't know if those bonuses add together.

#15 04-07-2015 
I did not know that you could yoga on the table. Mouth drops on the floor.

Bonfires....? Whaaaaa in Bobs voice

#16 26-11-2015 
The Sims 2 is a rich game, we knew that... But, wow! it's actually richer and deeper than we would thought!

I'm wondering if there is the same quirky (hidden) little gems in The Sims 4...

#17 27-11-2015 
I also have never seen the static thing. I rarely play with kids or rugs.

#18 27-11-2015 
* BoilingOil *does* have kids in his families, but he never plays with rugs. And even if he does, his sims need to work for the fulfillment of their wants. So anysim in any of his households (kids especially) is usually micromanaged to such an extent, that they have no chance to play such non-productive pranks.


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