more then 7 sims in a house
#11 01-08-2015 
You made Jack selectable, didn't you? Then Hannah does never get that option! Also, they must be really good friends for her to get the option!

#12 01-08-2015 
I use larger Households.

I also have these lines in my user startup cheat file

intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims 20
uintProp maxTotalSims 55
uintProp maxTotalHumans 40
uintProp maxTotalPets 15

#13 01-08-2015 
Larger Households is a Cyjon mod that does something the same as my "Unlimited Sims" mod. The lines you use have just lower limits than the ones I have. Essentially, you're doing the same, though. @joandsarah. Smile

#14 02-08-2015 
ok got them to move in Smile I wish I could add them back to the family tree but as a kid instead of a parent. I also can't seem to get them to use the diaper table for some reason to.

#15 02-08-2015 
I'm glad you have at least got them moved in now. Now you have an understanding of why it didn't work at first: you simply did it wrong Smile But that's how we all learn, isn't it? We make mistakes, get some help, and then things go better Big Grin

#16 02-08-2015 
yeah figured out that it only works with adults Sad Now to figure out why they can't use the changing tables part.

#17 02-08-2015 
At least I know that kids can not propose move in, but that seems fair. Other sims must at least be the same age or older than the guest they want to propose moving in to. The changing table... that's another matter... We'll discuss that after I wake up... Now I'm going to wake down, though.

#18 09-08-2015 
hey guys Smile Well things are going great however now I want to move the family out and to a new house. The new problem is I can only move 8 people out of the total number of members. What should I do?

EDIT I also seem to have reached another problem I can no longer have babies. I 11? people in the current family same one that I'm trying to move with.
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#19 09-08-2015 
I have never encountered this many issues. How are you moving them out of the house? Did you tell a sim to find their own place? Because THAT is not the right way to do it. Just go to the neighborhood screen, open the Sim/Family bin, select the move family option and then select the house you want to move sims out of. They should all leave as a single group and end up in the bin. You may not SEE all of them, but they will BE there. Then move the bunch into the new place.

How you got the game to stop allowing new babies, I have no idea. I have never seen that problem. Even in a house with 15 sims present, my sims still get pregnant and deliver their babies in good health.

#20 10-08-2015 
Perhaps you need the burn pet token mod. If you breed pets it adds tokens to the lot. I don't know if BO's mod burns those, do they BO?


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