more then 7 sims in a house
#21 10-08-2015 
The Pet Pregnancy Controller is indeed responsible for some problems, Jo. But *this* problem is not one that is traditionally caused by that thing. Either way, having a fix for it in your game is never a bad idea. The latest version of TwoJeffs' SimBlender has a fix built-in: if such lingering Pet Pregnancy Controllers exist, it will show an option to burn them.

Since I *do* have the SimBlender in my game, I have never thought of testing for this rogue contrller, so the NSL does not fix it, as far as I know. I *could* look into adding that, though. Because now you mention it, I think it *does* make sense to include something that automagically, and without any player interference, takes care of this known issue. NSL does everything else already, so what not this, right? So thanks for the suggestion.

Well, what do you know?? It seems, as I explain in my next post, that the fix has always been in my NSL, even without me realizing it.
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ok well I got them all to move Smile However I still think that the 8 person rule still applies when going to lots and stuff. Pregs seem to be fixed as well. Now if could figure out how to make 2 of them preg without the try for baby thing

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@Blueangel did you include the lines about maximum numbers of sims/pets etcetera in your userstartup.cheat file? If not, then I expect THAT to be your problem with moving sims around.

@joandsarah I have looked a little closer at the preg controller fix that dickhurt@MTS made, and it seems from his code that the preg controller for pets is exactly the same one that human sims use. And since my NSL already destroys preg controllers that are no longer in use, it must therefor also already destroy rogue *pet* preg controllers. So, even without knowing it that fix was built in from day one!! Big Grin I'm gonna update the NSL's description now, to mention that fact, so people need not wonder about it anymore Smile Thank you very much for bringing it to my attention! Heart

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yep sure did Bo Smile I got them all to move its if I was sending on vacation or to a community lot it will only allows 8

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Hmm, that is still odd. But as long as you got them all moved, I think we shouldn't make too much of a problem of it, then. Right? Big Grin

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No not really but it is if I was sending on vacation or to a community lot. It still will only allow 8 to travel with you.

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Yeah, I know. That is because you moved the sim while PLAYING the household, which is what you should NOT have done. You told a sim to find their own place (from the paper or the computer), so when they tried to leave, a special menu opened to select who goes with them. That menu is limited to the usual eight, because no amount of modding is EVER capable of changing that.

You SHOULD, however, have moved them via the NEIGHBORHOOD screen, as I tried to explain two or three messages ago. Then, you would not have had the problem, because the whole family would have moved at once.

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I did the neighborhood move like you said to. It was the menu thing I was asking for on the vacation or going to other lots. Also is there a way to force pregnancies without doing the try for baby? Thanks for the continued help Smile

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The Tombstone of Life & Death, the SimBlender, the Insiminator and the SimManipulator all should have options to make a sim pregnant without actual TFB. with ACR installed, it's even possible to alter sim's probability to get pregnant. I've once changed a sim's settings so he couldn't shoot blanks. Every female he woohoo-d, got pregnant. Even without TFB.

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ok is there a way to magically a way to make them pregnant without TFB oh woohoo? Just poor pregnant.


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