more then 7 sims in a house
#31 10-08-2015 
Yeah, all those objects that I named earlier, except ACR.

#32 10-08-2015 
nothing in there descriptions mention anything of what I'm trying to do though Sad

#33 11-08-2015 
Sure they do. You just didn't recognize the right options, though.

For example on the SimBlender: browsing through the "Pregnancy" submenu, there should be an option to "make pregnant with..." where you can then select one of the other sims present to act as the father.
I simply cannot imagine the Insiminater and the SimManipulator not having similar options. I just cannot tell you what these options look like, because I don't use those objects.

The Tombstone of L&D is an object that you can spawn when you play in debug mode (with testingcheats enabled, that is). I don't remember how it worked there, but I *do* know that the option exists.

In all cases, however, you *must* be playing the home lot of the sim that you want to make pregnant. You must also have that sim selected, and the sim that you intend to use as the father, MUST be present - even if only as a guest/visitor.


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