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Remember last year when a fish, a yeti and a cmo walked into a bar? The coffee tables? Lee also made the desk! I'm very happy I nudged them about it because look at it! It's so versatile and will go with so many different styles c:

And a certain fish likes numbers so:
§200 in surfaces: desks
394 polygons
five slots on the left, one on the right
two subsets, top and base are separately recolourable
five recolors for each and the mesh itself has two additional top choices

Thank you for letting me join the Arkelstorp party!
x 40

IKEA ARKELSTORP Desk Screenshot IKEA ARKELSTORP Desk Screenshot IKEA ARKELSTORP Desk Screenshot        
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#2 03-09-2015
Woot, thank you shasta Smile

#3 03-09-2015
It's so prettty Big Grin And IKEA! And slots! Thank you Arkelstorp-fishies Smile

#4 03-09-2015
Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you Smile


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