Play & Chat -- What's happening in your game today?
#11 05-09-2015 
Awesome Grin! I can't wait to see the pictures Smile
Also @fanseelamb thanks for the download link!
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#12 06-09-2015 
YAY @grinEvilly!!! Of course I'm just now realizing that with your game fixed, you'll be engrossed in playing it all the time. Ack, what have we done! I hope you'll still come and chat sometimes too. Tongue

#13 06-09-2015 
Yesterday I started building the original Newbie House. It's been done many times, but it's had too big a footprint for my liking. So I've put it on a 2x2 lot opposite the Broke's house which is going to be the poor area of PV2. I found chairs, and I'm using Melly_Sims recolours and floors and my sims1 wall conversions. But the cheap lamp which I think is a really good shape for sims 2 I haven't found yet either. Also I need to do the clown picture.

Today, I'm going to do more - and hopefully add Bob and Betty as well. Depending on whether I find all the bits and pieces I want.

[Image: tumblr_nu8h16QvSi1syf1c4o2_r1_1280.jpg]
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#14 06-09-2015 
Don't worry @fanseelamb... I'm harder to get rid of than a case of scabies! hahaha... but it's nice to feel wanted. =)

@celebkiriedhel -- your TS1-TS2 conversion of the Newbies' home is spot on! I love it!! It's remarkable how close you got it. And thanks for that link to Crisps&Kerosene's tumblr! i've been on there all night, hunting down new CC, and praying for a FUNCTIONAL conversion of the Downtown Cafeteria Buffet Table!

[Image: CafeteriaTmog.jpg]

Thanks everyone else, for your support and encouragement!


#15 06-09-2015 
Well that's great. Now we can see some of your many ideas come to life. You can come and get my game to function properly now.
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#16 06-09-2015 
Used to love that small TV in TS1, Kiri! It looks nice in TS2 as well.

#17 08-09-2015 
[Image: aug2015-admin01.jpg]

Made over this admin building that Starrsim made for last year's August Goodies, from modern - to Older European/Irish. I think it's looking older. I like it. Big Grin The windows suit, but I'm having thoughts about swapping them out to Lee's Euro windows.

#18 08-09-2015 
It looks really good, kiri. What have you made it into?

#19 08-09-2015 
It's still going to be an admin building. Just looking older. Smile

#20 10-09-2015 
Lately I've been playing with a downloaded hospital. It's a fantastic build with no CC at all - just lots of clever use of Maxis items and one sim-painted sign. I did edit it a bit just to change some colours, add hacked coat hooks and other minor things to suit my gameplay - like changing some normal beds to vampire beds.

I even made proper ceiling tiles for the place. It's always irked me that there weren't any in the game, just not enough to actually download or make any - until now.


Anyway, I had a sim buy the hospital so I could save it while his household is on the lot. It's working out great because for some reason the "customers" just stay there. They have beds, food, showers, and TV so they never go home! Of course I'm using a hack that allows sims to sleep on community lots. Sadly vampires still insist on going home at dawn even though there are vampire beds available. Wish I could convince them to stay too.


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