Play & Chat -- What's happening in your game today?
#21 10-09-2015 
That looks really cool, Fansee. I'd love to see more pics.

#22 10-09-2015 
Aaah, ceiling tiles! ...any plans to share them? =)


#23 10-09-2015 
@grinEvilly - Sure, I could share them if you want. Although right now I'm sewing hospital gowns for those pesky townies who won't go home...

ETA: Hospital gown progress pic. Yay it has a shape! Except my brain froze at step 18. Clearly the next step is to go eat pancakes.


ETA 2: YAY progress! Apparently those pancakes helped. Now for morphs and a female version...

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#24 01-01-2016 
* fanseelamb performs necromancy spell once again

Ahem. Well. What's happening in my game right now is I found a group of 8 college kids I'd forgotten about and abandoned. They're offspring of my main 'hood sims who were sent to college to get out of their parents hair and grow up.... and have been idling there ever since. Whoops! Well now they have a brand new residence built specially for them. They got a Greek House charter for it so they randomly bring home pizza and small bonsai trees (!)... and are about halfway through their second college year. For the life of me though I can't find this mythical "horse around" interaction they're supposed to have in Greek Houses. Their relationships are high enough. Maybe they're too serious or something?

Anyway it turns out playing 8 sims at the same time helps make college more fun.

#25 02-01-2016 
that sounds so fun!
Horse around?!? I haven't played a Greek house enough either obviously! Big Grin

#26 02-01-2016 
Sounds like Chaos to me Fansee!

#27 02-01-2016 
Yeah this is my first time ever playing a Greek House. I've heard there's supposed to be a "horse around" interaction but I can't find it! There's definitely a toga party option - I've tried that one. And it is indeed a bit chaotic but it's more fun that way. Having just 1 or 2 playables in college gets pretty dull, at least for me.

#28 02-01-2016 
They have to have a 100 point relationship with the sim they're trying to do it with, though you said their relationship levels are high enough so am guessing they already are at 100!

#29 02-01-2016 
Toga parties reminds me of TS1. My sims are waiting for me to come back to them. I can't wait to see more pictures. I love pictures of simmers games with a little story behind it.

#30 06-01-2016 
I am glad to see that my thread is still alive! I recently got my new laptop and @celebkiriedhel's graphics rules fix has made my game perfect again, and resolution change is no longer grayed out, and I am able to change smooth edges. My game is also running super fast, so I will be posting images with descriptions of what is happening with my game, since I just created a family today.

Also, @fanseelamb you have 666 posts!


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