Does This Mod Exist?
#11 25-09-2015 
That mod would drive me mad, if it's the one I am thinking off sims run everywhere. Bathroom Uses You you drove me up the wall very quickly and I was glad to be rid of it. I think Macrotastics is a love it or hate it kind of mod. I don't mind him making mods that he likes, but I do blame him for not being clear on everything they do.

#12 07-10-2015 
Oooh! Fansee! is this it?

If not, is it something that could be easily converted, or useful in decoding how the heck one might accomplish such a thing?

There's 2 versions. It says one maxes needs, and one doesn't. Why you'd want it to max your needs doesn't make much sense to me, but well... whatever! To each his own! Anyway, hope it helps. Back to baking that cake with chocolate icing!


#13 08-10-2015 
Hmm that's not quite what I was thinking of, but it might work! Thanks, grin! Smile

ETA: Just read the comments and apparently you can't really turn it off once activated, so that's not exactly gonna work for when I just want a normal playable sim to go clean up. Darn.

#14 08-10-2015 
Double Darn! >=( I was so excited when I found it! The other day, my sims' environment score was zilch! they were terribly unhappy outside, which tells me SOMETHING is broken -- probably a sprinkler. As if the damnable things aren't tiny enough that it makes the broken one difficult to spot, it was also buried under a huge snowfall!! ugh! I was hoping i could install this mod, and whenever that happened, tell my sim "repair!" so he'd find whatever was bothering him and fix it himself, without me having to search all over for it. Apparently... this is not the fix. =(

However!! ...looking on the bright side, perhaps some exceptionally talented and highly skilled modder may be able to look at the code and find a simple, easy, user-friendly way to tweak it into something a bit more palatable. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? ...Bueller?? ...Bueller? ...Bueller?? ...Bueller? ...Bueller? ...Bueller?? ...


#15 08-10-2015 
One could always temporarily install Macrotastics, instruct a sim to "Macro.../Repair" and after the session disable Macrotastics again. Or just pick up the phone and call "Service.../Repairman".

#16 08-10-2015 
Hahaha... well, yeah SURE... if you wanna do it the EASY way. hahah... but isn't that kinda like using the key to open your car door, when your key fob battery dies? Why use the key, when there's a perfectly good locksmith to call? =)

#17 08-10-2015 
* leefish waggles an eyebrow. Usually there is a call out charge no?

#18 08-10-2015 
§15 to come out, and §10 per hour is the standard fee... no? hahahha

#19 08-10-2015 
@grinEvilly Well, if *my* key fob battery died, I'd use my key. But since you don't want to do the labor... (searching for the sprinkler in the snow yourself was not an option for you) I still say: call the repairman. Or, if you desperately need that modded help, Macrotastics still does what needs to be done, and you don't need to keep it active in your game.

Really, either of those options will be a lot faster than waiting for a mod that nobody has promised to make yet!

#20 08-10-2015 
Third option: Have your sim invite a skilled friend over and influence them to repair.


Sorry, that is a members only option