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Fishmas 2015 - Day 6
I saw Mommy kissing SantaFish
Underneath the mistelweed last night
She didn't see me drift down the streams to have a peek
She thought that I was tucked up in my fishcave fast asleep.

Then I saw Mommy tickle SantaFish
Underneath his beard so snowy white
What a laugh it would have been if Daddy had only seen
Mommy kissing SantaFish last night.

A global mod to allow Teddy Bears to sit on almost every surface. It will sit on tables, end tables, desks, countertops, coffee tables and almost all shelves. Teddy is too heavy to sit on the BV glass
shelves and on the left tile of 2-tile shelves. The right tile of the 2-tile shelves is strong enough to be able to hold Teddy. Whatever I tried, I couldn't get it to work and I blame EA for using the wrong screws.

Install Instructions:
This mod is an edit of the CEP-extra that makes Teddy recolorable. To install the mod, place it in
Documents\The Sims 2\zcEP-Extra and let it overwrite the original CEP-file.
This was the cleanest way of making this mod.

Huge thanks to Leefish for helping me figure out how to override an override.
Thanks to NixNivis for her second opinion.
Thanks to Numenor for the CEP/CEP-Extra's.
Thanks to Fansee for the great wish.
x 30

You may do whatever you want as long as you credit me with a link and don't make any money from it.
Please do not convert anything from TS2 to TS3 because I might want to do that myself some time.

Teddy Can Sit Anywhere Screenshot          
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#9 06-12-2015
Ooh ooh ooh oooh ooh!!!

* fanseelamb slides past mushy fish and hugs gift tightly


#10 06-12-2015
Those songs are just great. A lot of thought and love are put in the gifts and the songs. Thanks for sharing.

#11 06-12-2015
THIS - this is a much needed giftie! Thank YOU, SantaFish and the maker-elf
Celebrate YAY!

#12 24-07-2016
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I think it's Christmas in July! Thanks much!


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