Request by proxy - Lick plate enabled
#11 28-01-2016 
That is not what I meant BO. I'm saying I don't understand what you are saying in the context of what I am seeing. I'm trying to express that I don't understand what you are saying because it does not match what I am seeing, in the hopes that you will explain in a way that I will understand (and now you did). I am never going to intentionally try to insult you. It is my personal belief that almost every argument starts in people thinking they are talking about the same thing when they are not, or not understanding what the other person is actually saying. Therefore I strive to point it out when I feel like I am not understanding what the other person actually means. If you find that offensive, then I am very sorry. I can stop if you want me to.

I am not trying to make a mod here. If I was I'd be posting in modding help, not your request section. Simonut requested it and I said I can't do this. It was her own idea to ask you, I just directed her to the right area and when she could not post, I thought I'd help her out. Once I realized Simonut does not have anything above Seasons, it stopped being something I could not do, since it was just bypassing a personality check for directed behavior, so I did that for her. She now has what she wants, so if you want to you can say case closed on this one.

I hear what you are saying about the test. It makes sense and I trust you know what you are talking about. This is why I told Simonut I can't do this, because I don't understand it and I don't know what can and can't be done, and what should be done. I'm not suitable for this specific thing. As it happens Simonut does not use the version I don't understand, so I could do it in the end, but the post-FT stuff I can't do. And perhaps it's not necessary, since fanseelamb got it to work. Maybe I got something wrong in my tests, it could happen.

I also hear what you are saying about blindly disabling things or deleting things being bad and that it's irresponsible to share such things with other people without knowing what you are doing. I have never done that, and I don't intend to start now. What I do in my own game, is a different matter, but I would never risk anyone else's game. All of my modding is done in a completely separate copy of user files and my installation files are all read only. I only test things I make in the specific creating user file copy, and my modding AGS version if I need specific EP setups. Poking and prodding, changing things and seeing what happens is how I learn. Disabling and deleting things is an effective way to find what part is causing a specific aspect of something, and it's one of the things I might do to troubleshoot. But just because I do it to troubleshoot and find it worked, does not mean I pack up my things and share it with people. No, the next step is figuring out WHY and how to fix it properly. It's just a part in the process, it's not the final product. If I was going to be doing things willy-nilly and sharing them, I wouldn't be here pestering you with "what does this do?" all the time Tongue

Either way, I'm not interested in this particular mod, I was only here for Simonut's sake, and she got what she wanted so I'll leave it to people who do care to determine if it works for them, and if not, get it fixed. I'm sorry you feel I insulted you again, I hope I was able to explain myself, but regardless I apologize.

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@gummilutt: Ok, I am sorry. Maybe I read more than you meant to say when you wrote "we don't understand each other". Maybe if you had just said "I don't understand what you are saying because it doesn't match what I see" this might not have happened, but still, perhaps I was too harsh. I apologize for that.

@grinEvilly: the sim with a Neatness of 6.0 getting the option was a part of what I had the mod do: I told it to bypass the neatness test. That means that ALL sims suddenly have the option. So that was intentional!

As for the interaction falling out of the queue: I was playing a sim in college. She was a bit away from the mess hall, when I ordered her to run there and get a plate. If you tell then to get the plate without first telling them to run to the hall, they will walk there at the pace of a dying turd, so I make that two orders in stead of one. But by the time she got to the counter and should pick up the plate, it fell out of queue. In an unmodded game, the instruction just fell out. Why? Because in the time it took her to get to the plate, another sim had already decided to get that plate. Therefor the plate was now in use, and my sim could no longer pick it up. So that is not a fault in the guardian, but in stead a safety in the game. If I had ordered my sim to directly get the plate, without first running towrads it, the plate would have been locked for her, and the other sim could not have targetted it.

What this means in the context of the current project? Well, maybe while your sim was finishing up other stuff before he got to lick the plate, another sim had already decided to clean the plate up. If so, then you could have tested that by seeing if you could order your sim to get it again. If you can't because the plate is in use, then you know I'm right, and the mod is not defective or broken.

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Oh, i see. That makes sense. But the thing is, I don't have your mod installed, and I dont think i have any mods that effect eating or cooking or cleaning up. And my sim in question lives alone, so there isn't another sim to lock the plate. He'll walk over to the table where the plate's sitting and stop. I can order him 100 times and the order just highlights and vanishes. I suppose the best thing to do would be to test it in a CC-free hood and see if i've got something else that, for whatever reason, mucked up that coding. But it's definitely NOT your mod causing it, because I dont have your mod installed. =)

I kind of just assumed it was a localized problem with my own game, and a problem I could just live with, til I heard gummilutt talking about it and thought, "wait a minute! You mean it's not just me?!"

#14 28-01-2016 
First of all, that was not my mod; I merely suggested a line for gummilutt's mod. Second of all: if you don't have that mod, then how is your sim's behavior relevant here? But never mind that. I don't mind helping multiple people in a single thread Smile

Anyway, I think it would indeed be smart to test this in a vanilla hood to see if there is some CC responsible for that odd behavior. If it happens in a vanilla hood, then you are a man with a problem.

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@BoilingOil I'm glad you understand. I will be more careful with how I phrase it next time Smile

#16 29-01-2016 
In the mean time, I've been having a private conversation with Simonut, and I think I will take on this request. I'll see if I can make a mod that will make children and lazy OR sloppy sims autonomously lick plates more often, and to allow the player to change the personality requirements for autonomoous behavior (editing a BCON to change how sloppy or lazy a sim must be to do it by themselves) AND an option for the player to order the sims to lick plates if they don't do it autonomously yet. It may even be possible to make sims autonomously lick plates if they have just eaten and still are not entirely full, even if they are not sloppy or lazy. Maybe they could even lick other sims' plates Tongue

#17 29-01-2016 
Sounds like you're having fun with it Smile Good luck!

#18 29-01-2016 
I'm sorry BO. I must've misunderstood what you were saying. You had said, "the sim with a Neatness of 6.0 getting the option was a part of what I had the mod do" and so I wanted to make clear that I wasn't having an issue with one of your mods. I didn't want you to go looking through the coding for no reason.

Gummilutt and I were talking about this in chat, before this thread started. I was trying to provide as many details of what's not functioning as I could, to provide you as much info as possible and help isolate the problem. Based on my conversation with Gummilutt, it seemed like it may have been possible that EAxis broke its own code... wouldn't be the first time, would it? haha. I figured there'd be some benefit to the Sims community in fixing something EAxis had busted. However, if it's only my game, and nobody else is having an issue, i'll live with it. So I can't have a sim lick a plate. Big deal! =)

Thanks for looking into it, BO. Your knowledge and talent with this kind of stuff is a real treasure. =)

#19 29-01-2016 
I still think you might try a test game without CC, just to make sure that it's not a mod screwing stuff up. True, EAxis has broken code before. But what you're describing does not happen in many people's games, so it cannot be an EAxis screw-up this time.


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