The Sims 3 HD Graphics?
#1 02-04-2016 
Hello. Maybe that's not the right thread, but LeeFish is the only TS forum I like to visit, so...

I'm having troubles with my PC. I mean, I have an Intel HD integrated graphic card. It didn't work with TS2, I had to fix some problems following the steps I have found in this site.
It immediately crashes. Black screen. It returns back to windows (7).
What can I do?

Win 7 64 Bit, 8 GB ram, 1.99 GHz processor (Intel Celeron).
Thank you!

#2 02-04-2016 

Unfortunately, that is not enough information for me to be going on with. Are you trying to do sims 2 or sims 3? (Your heading is Sims 3 HD)

Have a look at this thread, to help you with getting the information:

#3 03-04-2016 
I needed help for The Sims 3. Last time I played it, it crashed! I re-installed it yesterday and... It works. I don't know what happened! Thank you anyways.


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