Crash Pattern
#11 05-05-2016 

OK - in that case what you may be suffering from is a corruption in that family's files. I believe that Mootilda's Hood Checker will help you find that, or if you have a look around MTS, there'll be other hacks and programs regarding the sim corruption.

#12 05-05-2016 
@celebkiriedhel I don't think it's corruption (it only happened those two times and I'm pretty sure it is ram related (just in the fact that there seems to be a process that likes to get held up), but I suppose it doesn't hurt to scan and make sure.

#13 05-05-2016 
@celebkiriedhel I used it and it did find som memory things, but it also did in the other file so I'm not sure what it found (mostly about memories about Maxis sims) is all that important to the crash.

#14 05-05-2016 

The reason why I think it's a corruption in the file, is that generally when the process gets held up, it's because it's looping around trying to go in circles to find the right place to go.

It's worth giving it a fix, and then monitoring it to see if it continues to happen.

#15 05-05-2016 
@celebkiriedhel The thing is the program wouldn't let me fix anything. And there have been hours of play without another crash.


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