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(19-08-2018 12:02 PM)leefish Wrote:  Hmm, I can't see why that mod needs all those EPs. Maybe the modder has only UC and so cannot test with an exe lower than Mansion and Garden stuff.

I will have a look in an AGS.

Have you never considered using WINE to run the windows version of the sims2? I know plasticbox used it with some success.

@leefish if you could look at the Mod and let me know about it, I would be quite grateful.

Oh well I just don't like Windows and even though I could run Windows on my iMac if I wanted to make it dual boot I just don't want to do so. I am just too stubborn.

I do appreciate you being helpful though.

If I ever felt like I wanted to be a Modder or a Creator I would set up a PC to run The Sims 2 and AGS, but I really do not care all that much about creating objects or clothes or hair and I don't much feel like modding the game when there are already so many fine mods already done for it.

I just want to be able to play and I can do that fine on my iMac since I increased the Maximum Number of Open Files Limit that OSX has.


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