Fishmas 2016
#11 17-11-2016 
@SantaFish I'm in a pretty good place. I'm working on two gifts, and the first one should be finished soonish. I'll absolutely get them in whilst it still November this year. Wink

#12 24-11-2016 
I'm on something too. It's not much but I'm quite happy about it. There's still some glitches that I'm trying to fix, though.

As for a wishlist (but it's probably too late, I know), I love outfits as separate (top and bottom) or some original animations for sims. I know it's hard to do (I've tried and I can't do it myself), so it's just a suggestion... Perhaps will I see them a long time after Christmas, or perhaps I'll be able to do it myself one day ... Wink

#13 24-11-2016 
Where's the not-so-secret wishlist? This fishie is blind and cannot see it.

#14 24-11-2016 
I finally had to re-do my present for Fishmas as
Will send the files, with the screenshots and the description next week, just before 30th of November, phew just in time. ^_^''

#15 25-11-2016 
I haven't participated before, so I have a question. Should the TXT with info be written as if it's the upload text, or just contain the information so it can be re-written in a Santafish spirit?

#16 25-11-2016 
Five more days to go! We currently have five gifts in the sack, so please keep them coming!
@celebkiriedhel: the musical wish was made by a Swedish fish Wink
@poisson: glad to hear you got it fixed!
@gummilutt: I won't be rewriting anything. The upload post will not contain any info and I will upload everything as is. So you can do it however you want Smile

#17 25-11-2016 
(25-11-2016 09:35 AM)SantaFish Wrote:  the musical wish was made by a Swedish fish Wink

The other Swedish fish, before people start looking at me. Wink (But I can't find it, either. I obviously can't swim. Confused )

#18 25-11-2016 
In that case, I stand corrected. I saw signs that weren't even signs Big Grin Comes with the job, I guess Wink

#19 25-11-2016 
Ahhhhh, now I get what you were thinking! No, that wasn't an actual wishlist, just singing. Sorry for the confusion! Smile (Having said that, if somebody wants to make me Sims, I wouldn't mind at all. Sims are NOT my strongest suit, especially Sims of colour.)

#20 25-11-2016 
I'm sorry, I'm still confused. I wasn't here last time so I didn't see how it was done. Does the upload post really not have any information at all? So does the txt go with the download, and all info (if any) is given by the txt after downloading? I just want to know so I know how it should be written Smile


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