Fishmas 2016
#21 25-11-2016 
Sorry, I haven't explained things properly.
The upload post really has no information. The idea is that you have no idea what you get until you download it. So the txt goes with the download and indeed, that should contain all necessary information.

#22 25-11-2016 
@gummilutt if you look at the Fishmas gifts from last year, the text in those posts is actually what people put in their text files, so if you need examples, you've got 25 of 'em right there. Smile (The posts didn't look like that whilst the Advent calendar was running, though, they weren't revealed until after Christmas. When the calendar was "on", we'd get a v. pretty pic of a package and a download link*, but we had no idea what we were getting in the package until we downloaded.)

*Edit: And a Fishmas song. How could I forget the Fishmas songs!?

Edit #2: The last Fishmas gift was Lee's Arkelstorp table. The 24 uploads preceding it are the rest. Smile

#23 25-11-2016 
Oh, okay. Thank you very much for clarifying Smile I didn't know that it was just a picture of pretty package at first, I've only seen them after the whole thing ended and now they look like any other upload. Now everything makes a lot more sense Smile

#24 25-11-2016 
Oooh I had completely misunderstood that too! thanks for raising the question, Gummilutt!

#25 26-11-2016 
What happens Gummi, is that the text, picture and download - everything that would normally go in an upload is bundled up together. On the day it goes up for download, the actual upload has a Christmas song fishified, and a picture of a wrapped gift. People have to download it to find out what it is.

So when you're preparing your text, prepare it as if it's the text for the download, and the readme.txt all wrapped up in one.

#26 26-11-2016 
A Swedish Fish walks by, whistling cheerfully on Fishmas carrols

#27 26-11-2016 
* fanseelamb tries really hard not to lick the Swedish Fish

#28 27-11-2016 
I have a wish Blush

[Image: wishlist_bg_colonial_zpsjahyrk6m.png]
If there just happens to be CEP-extra subset-adding smartie fish around, could they please conisder making some for the base-game Luxiary King Armchair and Sofa of Substance? Thank you for considering it Fishmas

#29 27-11-2016 
Ohhhhhhh... Swedish Fish! I LOVE the orange ones, they're the bestest. Big Grin

#30 27-11-2016 
* NixNivis wonders if liking Swedish Fish makes her a cannibal...


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