can someone thats online help me with the sims 2 lagging on windows 10
#1 29-12-2016 
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i need help with the sims 2 iv'e been playing the sims for about 12 years now and my fav has always been the sims 2 but with windows 10 everything sucks i cant even play the sims cause even clicking on them lags it's annoying cause sims is my world i cant even play with build and buy mode can someone plz help me iv'e been waiting a long time to play the sims 2 again..

#2 30-12-2016 
You have already started a thread on this subject, where people who have knowledge of this stuff are doing the best they can to help you. Carefully read and follow their instructions.

Also, please be patient. Do not start multiple threads on the same subject, because that isn't going to make anyone help you faster. Worst case scenario, it only gets you banned. Then, you get no help at all anymore.

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