La Grande Mesa - Part Two
#1 31-12-2016 
This is an update on my La Grande Mesa neighborhood build! Building everything from scratch - no custom lots, Sims/families, no nothin! All the neighborhood deco is plaved by me, and the lots are created by (you guessed it!) moi! To see the very humble beginnings, click here.

[Image: 6ekm7m.jpg]

Once I get the residential area down and this weird terrain problem fixed, I'll start on the other half (third???? it's big...) of the 'hood'. If you have any suggestions of the architecture style residential lots should be or what kind of community lots I should add, feel free to reply below! I'll make sure to give credit to you in my LGM posts!

Pictures of LGM Lots I have built (and supplied pictures for):
Sierra Skylar Museum
Zoom Coffee Shop
Modern Mansion

No pics, but coming soon:
A bar/pub/karaoke thing
A little plaza mall thing (salon, grocery, clothing store)
Junk yard
A mall I have yet to finish
Two apartments under construction
A modern 1bed 1 bath home
A community lot but I can't remember what I put on it because it's 4:57 AM
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#2 31-12-2016 
That looks super cute. What ep's are you using?

#3 01-01-2017 
(31-12-2016 02:10 PM)leefish Wrote:  That looks super cute. What ep's are you using?

All. I have Sims 2 UC!

#4 22-01-2017 
Building a modern mansion now!

#5 22-01-2017 
From the scratch neighbourhoods are alway nice


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