CC Files: what can go where?
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wow I did not even notice the thread was this old, how did I even land here? Just checked and when clicking on "Sims discussions" the posts from 2017 are already on page 2. Guess I was browsing there and didn't think I could stumble over something old so soon Wink but that is a common problem with sims 2 boards.
I've heard about the necromancy thing before and also often old topics are closed after a while. I never understood that, if the topic is still relevant I'd say it's better than to start a new thread every year but ok to each their own. I'm glad you see it differently here.

I actually spend most of last night (till 4am) testing my cc and what could go where so this thread kinda encouraged me to do that. I'm still not finished but it looks like there's more "freedom" than I initially thought and especially putting some stuff in the bin folder proofs helpful (for me). Still no luck to get BodyShop Content anywhere else then the downloads folder though Sad Could list some of my finds here but if this thread is so old maybe there's no need for that anymore.

Thanks for the suggestions in the initial thread, thanks to @mustluvcatz and @BoilingOil for still answering me (and quickly) and thanks everyone for being so kind here on leefish

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(30-04-2019 05:09 PM)Lucydique Wrote:  I've heard about the necromancy thing before and also often old topics are closed after a while. I never understood that, if the topic is still relevant I'd say it's better than to start a new thread every year...

Yeah, we feel the same way. Why would one have a dozen threads on the same topic, each with only part of the information, if a single thread with ALL the information is so much easier to find? And CLOSING threads? Why? Only if the thread gets abused by trolls, then maybe closing it is appropriate. But rather than that, I would prefer to ban the trolls.
And if you ever venture into Simbology, you'll find that the same relaxed policy is practiced there as well.

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(30-04-2019 01:32 PM)BoilingOil Wrote:  I don't think that @CatherineTCJD will mind...
Nope! Don't mind a bit - in fact, moar useful info on the topic is always useful (and welcome!)
Keep thinking everyone Wink

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Ok here are my findings, I tried to group them somehow still a lot of *blah* and repetitions in there Big Grin
I have the CD Version of the game and all EP/SPs installed, when I talk about "TSData\Res\" I mean the one in Mansion&Gardens. This text is only about files that are supposed to go in your downloads folder with nothing differently stated by the uploader to go somewhere else!

Remember, if you put any CC somwhere inside "TSData\Res\" they will loose the "star of shame" which makes them indistinguishable from maxis content and then they also can't be deleted from inside the game.

If CC comes with a script it is unlikely to work from anywhere inside the "TSData\Res\Catalog" directory. The same goes for things that add or change slots/subsets, replacements, overwrites/overrides. (Mabye this has to do with the order in which the game loads these files?) Some of them work from the "TSData\Res\Overrides" Folder but not inside subfolders and they need to be alphabetically behind the overrides.package that's already there.
I also have one file in "TSData\Res\Materials" that makes the sideborder of the floor invisible that would only work from there (or downloads).
Most CC seems to work fine if moved around anywhere in the Documents directory e.g. Downloads, SavedSims, CepFolder, or newly created folders with&without several subfolders. Two exceptions:
  • BodyShop Items: Only got them to work from inside the Downloads folder, subfolders are fine. I don't use them much so I didn't test a lot. Still bugs me.
  • zCep-Extras: The parts meant for the Documents directory only works from there, they can be moved around there although it seems to bee a little wonky. I've tried placing them outside the Cep Folder or in subfolders and at first that didn't work. However after loading the game several times they suddenly started working. I suggest, if you use them for the first time then place them in the Cep Folder without subfolders and start the game (maybe TBS is enough?), after closing the game you can put them in subfolders or anywhere else in the Documents directory and they should still work. (I think I forgot testing those files directly from inside "TSData\Res\Overrides" Blush)

Than we have the big group of
Hacks/Mods/Fixes: They should work from everywhere in the Documents directory and most of them also from the "TSData\Res\Catalog" directory. However I couldn't test everything because that would have meant staying longer on the lot and waiting for something to happen (or not happen). I could make a list of the things I'm sure that worked but we don't all have the same mods so I suggest just know that there's a possibility for them to work and test yourself.
I had no problems with these from the Bin folder: SimBlender, Visitor Contoller, NeedFreak (however "no starvation" didn't work) Careers and global mods&fixes.
I also put all of those mods there that should prevent sims from spawning for a clean neighborhood I think they work too (only time will tell).

Now to the stuff that gives you the most freedom Cool
The Following CC seem to work fine from everywhere inside the Documents directory (in or above the Downloads folder) or "TSData\Res\" directory even if put in multiple subfolders.
  • WTFR ("Patterns" like Wall, Terrain, Floor & Roof): I've chosen "Catalog\Patterns" folder for those I always use.
  • EARC (Recolors of EA/Maxis items from buy/build mode): I only put the invisibles in the Bin folder to always have them, others I find easier to find WITH the star Rolleyes
  • Neighborhood: I've tested several hood objects including the mod to make those items placable on lots/across roads. They all seem to work fine from the bin folder as well as the "Catalog\CANHObjects" folder.
  • OMSP's: all that I have showed up and worked fine.
  • Build Objects (and their recolors): Worked fine, I've tested the following: doors, windows, staircases, a stairwallfix, railing addons for stairs, modular stairs & the mod to make them recolorable, walls (invisible/prison), halfwalls, fences, gates. I think the custom modular stairs lost their catalog description but I'm not entirely sure it was there before either.
  • Buy Objects (and their recolors): I'm confident they all worked from everywhere
I can't tell you if any of this makes the game faster or lets you have more CC since my game is usually pretty fast and I never came across any limits of CC.
It will be really helpful for me to put a lot of stuff in the TSData-folder that I use in all my game settings instead of having copies of those everywhere or moving them around. Since I started using AnyGameStarter I find myself constantly creating or editing new games and now I can be sure that all my important mods will still work Celebrate I'm really glad I found this post and the suggestion to try out the bin folders and I hope my findings will help someone else and are understandable.

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There is one important fact to consider when it comes to hacks/mods/fixes: if you put them anywhere OUTSIDE the Downloads folder, they will no longer be noticed by the HCDU (Hack Conflict Detection Utility). So if there is ever an issue that involves any of the moved mods, you will never find out about it, making the problem unsolvable. You'll have a problem, and not the foggiest of clues what in TihrAn's name causes it.

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Also... when you go putting stuff in other places... it is hard to share a lot (package it up for others to download) - because CC you have put in the Bins folder (actually, probably CC put anywhere but the Doc/Downloads folder) will not package with the lot. I have a separate AGS just for building/sharing that has everything in the Doc/DL folder - I just have to remember to swap out my regular Bins folder for the empty original one whenever I use it.

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CEP's need to be loaded after ALL game content is loaded as it is an override of said content. This is why it has the z prefix and is placed in the downloads folder. If you move it elsewhere, the objects the CEP is for could stop working properly. The program files version of CEP's is adding an additional resource for an object, which is why being in the base game folder works.

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@HugeLunatic do you by any chance know if content from the mansion&garden TSData/overrides folder is loaded before or after the downloads folder? I got Cep working from there (directly no subfolders) but of course I only tested like 3 files in game. I'm thinking if they all load after the "overrides.package" in that folder it should be fine or can you think of a reason why not?

It's definitely a lot to consider and probably best for most people to just leave everything the way it is.
Those who play with different game configurations and know what they are doing might make some things easier when it comes to content they wanna use in all of those games.

I agree with @BoilingOil that the fact that many programs only consider the downloads folder is usually important, in my case that's part of the reason why I don't want certain objects there so they don't get scanned over and over again after I already checked/sorted/named them (I'm rarely loading new hacks/mods/fixes).

Thanks for that note @CatherineTCJD ! I did not consider the packing of a lot. I think I only did that like 3 times in all the years I played but Wink definitely will add a note in my textfile since I'm bound to forget about it shall I ever package a lot again.

I think I found a pretty good system now where to put things and it won't actually be that much that will land in TSData. It will be a custom petbreed that I always wanna use, a few clothing items all my sims need (merfolk Big Grin) (btw. found out it both can go directly into the bin folder if it's not in a subfolder), a skin replacement and all my mods&fixes (so if I get a new one it's easy to just take that whole folder back to downloads for a HCDU check and then back again in the bins)

I've excessively tried to get my skins working from anywhere of the TSData-folders but with no luck the only solution I found was the savedsims folder (again not in subfolders) but that's ok cause I think AGS copies them when making a new game from there. I can't test right now but I seem to remember it copies every file fom savedsims and downloads but not the subfolders which is another way to make only certain things work in all games.

I found out about some files only working from TSData/overrides and TSData/Materials, should I add those findings to my previous post?

Last but not least, I feel like I'm talking to celebrities Cool I have a lot of downloads from different people but there's only a few creators where I know exactly what I have from them in my game because I love it so much. Everyone who posted here is on that short list! :o It's pretty amazing

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To be considered -- even by ONE person -- a celebrity... to me, that is an AMAZING honor. Especially because I know for a fact that I am NOT one of those. Thank you, @Lucydique, for making my day!


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