Black screen with Windows 10 & Discs
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Kiri and I both knew I'd turn up here sometime Blush

I'm experiencing the same problem as beccajuster here. Once I've reached neighborhood view, the screen goes black. I can limp my way around like this: hit the Windows Key to open the taskbar, click the ts2 icon there, game opens again and I can see what I expect to see, but once I mouse-click on anything in game the screen goes black again. Google hits for "Black Screen Sims 2" are mostly about Windows 8 and the solution seems to be "stop using Windows 8"
Before editing any .sgr files, my game didn't have the black screen but it also didn't have smooth edges / looked bad and my only screen resolution choice was 800x600
New computer:
CybertronPC - Rhodium R7 Desktop - AMD FX-Series - 16GB Memory - AMD Radeon R7 360 - 2TB Hard Drive

I installed from discs and patched what I could but I think The Best Of discs I have are already patched
I removed Securom and the no-cd crack for M&G seems to be working
Target: "C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 Fun with Pets Collection\SP9\TSBin\Sims2Launcher.exe" -CPUCount:1
I dl'd Kiri's Graphic Rules - RADEON - Texture Fix and edited the screen resolution in that file
I've cleared caches and I'm running the game as administrator

The good news:
- smooth edges are enabled
- correct screen resolution
- sims have nice shadows thanks to Nopke
- According to my config-log, I edited the Video Cards.sgr correctly

Any help is greatly appreciated - thank you! Heart

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Hey Petal! Can you do me a dxdiag.txt as well? You've done all the bits and pieces correctly (not unsurprisingly).

Windows Button + R will bring up the Run Window
DXDiag + enter will bring up DXDiag window
"Save all information" will create a dxdiag.txt as well.

Are you running the game in Windowed mode or Full Screen?

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Full screen! I tried running in Windows but it was even harder to limp around. Ideally I'd like to play full-screen anyhow.
Thank you for your help! Smile

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There's a known problem that we haven't been able to fix as yet regarding full screen/windowed where it works in one but not in the other. If this problem is that one - I don't know how to fix it. However I will do my best.

What's your screen resolution on your native screen - i.e. outside of the game, and what's your screen resolution in game?

In the meantime - here's a little tweak that will make things go like the clappers texture wise - Graphic Rules - Radeon - Shasta Display Memory (You have a wopping great Display Memory: 10190 MB - if you ever get pink flashing I will be Sooooo surprised).

Pop it in the same place you put the graphic rules before.

When you say limped around when in windowed mode - what exactly do you mean?

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Hello, just popping in to say that whenever I have had the black neighbourhood screen problem, setting compatibility to windows 7 fixes it (either by using the compatibility tab on the shortcut properties or by selecting trouble compatibility and choosing it worked in a previous version). Hopefully this helps you!

#6 17-03-2017 
@TheDarkLady Thanks! We will try that!

#7 18-03-2017 
I am this close to mushy happy tears! Heart My game is RUNNING BEAUTIFULLY Celebrate

First of all, thank you very much for the customized Graphic Rules file, Kiri Smile I love how smart you are about computers you don't even own!
And in answer to your question, I honestly didn't realize my native screen resolution could be / should be different from my game's but it's 1920x1080.

I added the "-W" back in to the Target and couldn't do anything so I must have misremembered being able to navigate a little (aka limp) with the black screen in windowed mode.
Thanks to TheDarkLady's tip, I looked under Properties' Compatibility tab and saw it was already running in Windows XP (Service Pack 2) Compatibility Mode!? Y'all I'm sorry if it's second nature for an experienced PC user to check that, I just didn't know. I unticked that and now I'm a big puddle looking at my pretty game Blush

Thank you @celebkiriedhel and @TheDarkLady for your help - I am all to pieces and very grateful!

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Actually I'm having this same problem except for one thing, I go into the properties for the game and fsr the compatabilities tab is no longer there...? I'm like really confused as to what could be going on tbh.

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When I load up my sims 2 the screen is black and I can see the cursor and hear the music.


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