Possibility of Shiny/Reflective Face Paint/Mask?
#11 18-05-2017 
Hmmm ok I obviously lack explaining skills Tongue my husband tells me that too.

ok I decided to play with it.

this is the face paint (vampire) I have NO idea, since I am not using your textures, if this will work for you in any way, shape or form but I did manage to add reflectivity to the txmt and solidified the texture (the alpha) but then I lightened it, with a very pale silver, then brightened it. and then raised reflectivity etc.

You can let me know if it is on the right track.


adding in game shots
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#12 19-05-2017 
I don't see reflectivity on the face paints, all I see are shadows from the lighting. Is it possible to find some scrap texture and use it as the face paint? I think it would look more apparent than a plain color fill. What I'm seeing from the images are the same issues I had initially. It's not like a glass shining, for instance.
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#13 19-05-2017 
right... I mean it looks shinier than it did comparatively speaking, but there is still a matte finish and that is with a reflection cube! I was looking at the raincoat outfit as it has a reflective texture that goes over it as well. I wonder if we could apply a reflective texture to the face paint, like the raincoat has. I wondered too, if adding sparkly texture over the top would make it look more reflective. I will try again this evening and see if adding an actual sparkly sequiny type texture over it would help.

ok I was doing some quick editing and did something where it no longer shows up...

So working from a sparkly one this time, to see if a sparkly one helps.
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