Win10Pro Crashes doing anything other than loading neighborhood
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download the patch utility here

This is what was linked for the 4gb patch. I went here. I went to utilities on the top of the page. I found the 4gb thing and downloaded. It's a zip file. I "extract here" (in my downloads folder) and find the 4gb patch exe but when I try to use it it just opens a box that asks for file name. I don't know how to use this. That is why I am asking for help.

I'm trying to apply a 4gb patch to the no cd.exe for Sims 2.

I still need help.
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@giveasmile What I did is there's three dots I believe next to where it asks for a file name, if you click that it should bring up a window to look through your files. Go to, this pc, local disk, program files x86, origin games, The Sims 2 ultimate collection, fun with pets, sp9, tsbin, then the nocd.exe which should be called Sims2EP9. I hope this made sense? If not, let me know! Also I'm totally not a professional so sorry if that's all wrong or worded poorly. It's just what I did/what worked for me!

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@giveasmile - I've been away from the boards a few days, just saw your post. I believe I used CFF. If you do, be careful about loading larger files. Don't truncate them. Probably easier to use 4gb patch utility.

The other thing I would try is this, I sometimes found it helped when things got just too messed up.
Just have the game do a little bit at a time, don't throw too much at it at once. May or may not help.
I think it sometimes helped on my setup.

[edit] May or may not help to reboot first.

* close Sims UC
* remove the entire Sims UC data folder from Documents (put it on your desktop if you want to use it again later)
* start up Sims UC again
* let the game regenerate a new data folder
* do not open a neighborhood, close the game
* make yourself a zip file of that data folder, now if you need to use a brand new, unplayed data folder, there it is
* start up Sims UC again
* open a neighborhood but don't go into any lots
* close Sims UC again
* start it up again, open a hood, add some subhoods (downtown, shopping, unis), close Sims UC again
* start it up again, go in a hood, try to open a lot

If you want to go back to you old data folder, just swap data folders.

The other thing to try is maybe clear cache files and/or thumbnails. I think @Epi7 or @gwynne said to not do that too often, however. One of them I think said to only do it if there was a crash. Or was it @SomeRandoChick? Sorry, can't remember who recommended that.

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So I did all of your list, catofevilgenius, except for the things I note below, and I was able to: load game, load neighborhood, load two houses and move some furniture and save households. Then I went to create a family and I was able to create 2 adults and 2 toddlers-- but when I clicked on the dog to create one, the game crashed. It was progress, but still crashed. I haven't been back in to try again.

1. I was not able to run in compatibility mode. When I put XP sp2 I could not even load the game. I took out compatibility mode. I am in Windows10 Pro with the dreaded 1709.
2. I was not able to get as far with -CPUCount: 1 so I took that out of shortcut, but I might try it again if I continue to crash.
3. I NEEDED the 4gb patch. Could not load without it.
4. In windowed mode, I had to select 1600x900 resolution because 1920x1080 was not a choice.

#15 08-02-2018 
@giveasmile - I'm glad to hear of the progress. Very interesting what you said about compatibility and -CPUCount:1. Wonder why mine runs with it but yours crashes. I'll see if I can run without it or run better without it. Needs testing. The biggest resolution available depends on what you have in your graphics rules sgr file. There is a section with max resolution and default resolution for low, medium, and high settings. You can edit that to allow 1920x1080 if your monitor supports that but I would test at smaller ones first, get it working well, then work up to bigger resolutions.

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I left everything the same as I had in my last post and was able to play for many hours last night and today without any crashing. I was able to use; pets, college, vacation spots and create families and move them into places, and re-decorate, without any issues. I'm still on the lower resolution in Windowed mode. I might not change it since it's stable this way.

I just wanted to say thanks for all of the help I received here. CatofEvilGenius thank you so much for typing everything out for me. I have no clue why I needed those few things different from what you had but it's the only way I could get it to work.

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I just wanted to add to what @giveasmile said really fast and say I also got farther without compatibility mode. In fact, the game crashes almost immediately with that added.

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@giveasmile - @pixelchixel - I have updated my posts to say don't use compatibility mode. I have been able to play for several days without crashes, without pink flashing, and I had compatibility mode turned off. It really does seem to break things rather than make them better. Thanks so much for testing and figuring this out. The sims community at work!


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