More than just triplets and quads
#1 06-10-2018 
I was just wondering if there was any way to add the ability to have quints and sextuplets to the triplets and quads mod. I'm absolutely useless with mods myself. Huh

#2 06-10-2018 
Good question... according to the last post in this thread, I'm not going to do anything about it, though.
Updating my own mods, when someone finds something wrong with them, is one thing.
But updating someone else's mod to make it do more, that sounds like work for a person who is NOT retired.

But maybe someone else will read this section and feel compelled to try... you never know...

#3 06-10-2018 
Sorry, I totally missed that post. I would have asked at simbiology but I haven't been able to get an email to work there yet. :/
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#4 06-10-2018 
Yeah, sorry about those registration restrictions at Simbology. In the News board, there is a stickied post -- House Rules -- that explains which addresses work, which don't and why we had to make such an impopular decision. If you try to register with an unacceptable address, such as Gmail or Hotmail, the system even TELLS you to check those House Rules!

The News Bar even frequently flashes the messages "Please, READ the House Rules!" (with a link) to help newbies find the relevant information.

But don't feel bad, because you're NOT the first one to totally ignore such helpful hints. NOBODY ever bothers to read any of the important notes, even when we rub their noses in it!

#5 06-10-2018 
I did actually read the house rules Wink and most of those email types cannot be created anymore* (at least where I live they can't be) The only one that can be created is the icloud one which i'm still trying to get to work.
*( as of 2015-16ish, as of 2016 and as of 2017)
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#6 06-10-2018 
I had no idea... We still regularly get registrations from such addresses. So maybe it's indeed an issue local to your general area. But I noticed you got through on Simbology, now. So something good has come from it after all.

#7 07-10-2018 
I think it’s because the emails can still be used but just not created anymore. Like with hotmail, I can still use my account but I can’t make another one. So they are probably older accounts made before they stopped allowing new ones to be created. Smile


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