Auto-change skintone per clothingtype? (WCIF, How?)
#1 05-05-2019 
I was wondering if it is at all possible to make sims use a custom (alien) skintone when changing into a specific clothing type (swimwear) but have a standard (normal) one for all other occasions. If it already has been asked or exists please just point me into a direction and ignore the rest of the post.

I have a few sims that use fishtail-outfits as swimwear and I like how it seems that they would "magically turn into mermaids/mermen" when going into water. I wish they would also change their skintone to something else while in swimwear (already have some blue/green skin for that) but I don't want them to walk around like that all the time.

I tried to search for it on google and some forums but I guess I'm not using the right searchwords (someone must have asked that before). All I find is how to install skins or create new ones. The closest one is probably shower-proof skins but that's only to keep the general skin while being nude not using a new one.

I'm not a modder but I know that in SimPe you often have values for rules about how/when something is used. So maybe it would be just as simple as setting a custom skintone to be only working with swimwear? So when I add it in bodyshop or CAS it would appear like I use it but as soon as I save the sim it would revert to a standard maxis one except whenever my sim uses swimwear.

Would be great if someone could help out, not expecting anyone to do it for me but if you can tell me if it's at all possible and where to start goggle and I might figure it out somehow.

Thanks, Lucy
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Hi Lucy,

We seem to keep running into each other, don't we? Now, to your question. I'm afraid that this is impossible. I've tried something similar (not related to clothing, though), and found that the location where a sim's skintone is stored, is virtually inaccessible. True, you can look the location up where their skintone is stored. And you can read the value of it, change it, and later change it back. But ONLY in SimPE. There is not a single command in SimAntics to do this automatically/programmed during play.

Treeag made some Sim Transformer a loooong, long time ago. This object can transform a sim into any type of supernatural, but it can NOT just change their skintone. And it can NOT change anyone into an Alien, either. Actually, according to the documentation, it can turn them INTO an Alien. But I don't believe it will be able to cure the sim and turn them back into the correct skin-tone. As far as I'm aware, nobody has ever been able to do that. It's just impossible.

The time when I tried it myself, I wanted my Alien Experiments mod to include an option to Transform abducted sims into Aliens. And I actually succeeded in doing so... But only one way. That mod can transform sims into ANY type of supernatural --witch, plantsim, werewolf, you name it-- AND cure them again. But when it changed them into an Alien, it was PERMANENT! There was no way to change it back... I've never been able to solve that riddle, so that feature was never released. My Aliens cannot make anyone into an Alien.

So I'm sorry, dear. But I would not hold my breath for that to ever happen... Sad

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Indeed we are *insert-fangirl-scream-here* and thanks for your quick answer Big Grin
I spent some more time researching skins after I posted this and figured as much. Not that I understood half of what I was reading but I kept coming across posts saying that skins are different (would also explain why I can't find a way to store custom ones in the TSData-Folders while everything else seems to work). So thanks for clearing that up for me, another thing I always wondered but never asked finally checked off my list Tongue
I guess my mermaids are still beautiful with their general pale skin and they do change their haircolor to add to the mystic Wink
Oh and WOW thanks for those links! That's some interesting stuff to go waste more daylight Wink

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I guess one way you could go would be to add the skin texture to the mertail outfit, you can't make them turn fully certain color that way since outfit can't change face and scalp texture, but if you're fine with only part of the body changing color that could be one way to go about it. Also this is slightly off topic but I figured I'd ask anyway if you already knew about Midgethetree's mermaid mod? It makes the mermaid Sims have their tail also while in bath. Smile

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(06-05-2019 12:25 AM)digi Wrote:  Also this is slightly off topic but I figured I'd ask anyway if you already knew about Midgethetree's mermaid mod? It makes the mermaid Sims have their tail also while in bath. Smile
oooh that is awesome I was wondering about that too but thought it wouldn't be possible and never asked HeartHeartHeart

Very interesting idea to add it to the clothing. Too bad it doesn't cover the face, pretty sure I would mind a pale to almost white face on a bluegreen body Big Grin
Might be working if the custom skin would gradually change from bottom to top, always getting closer to the standard skin used so I'm gonna keep it in mind. Never made a skin or clothing myself so it would take a lot of learning first Angel
Thanks for the idea!


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