[Solved] Missing Thumbnail for modular stairs
#11 24-09-2020 
(23-09-2020 11:18 PM)Lucydique Wrote:  Are you saying this would be a (safe) way to get rid of the compression?
Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. I do such things all the time, and it has never been a problem.

The fact that all the files are listed as compressed, but themselves say they are NOT, is something that I would indeed characterize as what you call "weird". I'm not sure if it would have worked there.
Also, since there were 215 files in the package, I wouldn't advise uncompressing them with my method, either. It is too much work, because you cannot select all files at the same time and change them all at once. You must (un-)compress them one by one. Or actually, you can do them all at once, but it is unadvisable because that will break your package!

But if the package had NOT been weird, and there were considerably fewer files in it, then yes, that is exactly what I'm saying. And the other way around, too. If the files in the package are not compressed, and you wish to compress them, you simply select each file, and select "yes".

The cloning method is most certainly NOT the only method to fix the package, but in this case, it was definitely the fastest!

#12 24-09-2020 
That is some really helpful info thank you! I'm not a fan of compressed files I gotta admit Wink

#13 24-09-2020 
For some objects, compression causes trouble. The result also depends on the compression tool used for the job. The tool in SimPE is the least efficient, but also the safest.
In most cases, though, compression is very useful, because it helps keep the total file size low, so you can add more CC to your game.
With mods, the gain is usually not so much, but it also never causes problems. With text replacements, especially the larger multi-language ones, it helps a LOT!


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