Recolorable Modular Stairs Shakeshaft Romany Life
#11 09-05-2019 
Here we go Smile

I set all the model materials to true instead of false and when I tested in game all had the option to recolor. I didnt actually have any recolors, but yea.... Let me know if it worked and I shall contact Lunie and tell her of my adventure Cool

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#12 09-05-2019 
It's working! Celebrate Thank you so much *kiss* Heart
I'm just gonna post the recolors if anyone else is interested. I used the texture from shakeshafts original steps and made no changes to anything so all copyright goes there.
Recolors (blue, purple, wood)
[Image: 11lhlio.jpg]

I also have the scriptfile and I added another package file to this archive that just holds the catalog description/price and can go in the same folder as the script. I just started doing descriptions&prices for fireplaces and modular stairs into extra package-files so they won't stop working just because I decided to rename the meshfile again Wink
Scriptfile&description package
[Image: 2s8sow4.jpg]
Do with it what you like

#13 10-05-2019 
Yay, I shall pm Lunie regarding the tutorial instructions to set all but one to false as that seems to be false.


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