Pink Flashing sims ONLY
#11 28-07-2019 
@Kunder Sent an address to you, hope it helps!

#12 29-07-2019 
Got it, Thanx!

#13 06-08-2019 
Download this file:, extract it and in x32 folder, copy d3d9.dll file and put it in the same folder as Sims 2 EXE. Make sure you have latest and greatest nvidia driver (at least 430.xx) and then try running it.
This will break other things (like generation of family pictures) but it can be workarounded with either an anti-censor mod or thumbnail_fix mod from this archive:
What this file essentially does is it re-implements whole DirectX 9 with Vulkan API. So even if Microsoft or Nvidia breaks DX9 entirely, Sims 2 will still work with it.
The name of this thing is D9VK ( and it's sponsored by Valve as they use it in their Linux compatibility project.


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