My older laptop (from 2012) on which The Sims 2 worked, passed away!
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(26-10-2019 10:42 PM)poisson Wrote:  Sad I thought that it worked, [I mean, on my newest, most powerful desktop (...the one from March 2019...)], these past few days, after several trials of game sessions, but it completely crashes, each time, after several minutes browsing the Build / Buy Modes, ...or even after renaming one of the three already existing universities (!) (for example)... All this, with or without an error message! I am disappointed. Sad Any idea of what is happening, any other solution, @catalincriste , @Kunder , or anyone else? Will it be possible to play The Sims 2 again? Sad

Oh no.

@Kunder, actually, there was NO problem, NO wrong thing with my older Acer. The Sims 2 worked perfectly fine on that one. But that laptop is now broken. I cannot use it anymore.

That's why I had hoped to play the game on my very recent Gamer PC...

I'm struggling (again) with depression as of lately, and The Sims 2 would have been a welcome 'outlet' to it... I mean, I need to be reassured and this game (kinda) plays the role of a 'wubby' / of a 'cuddly bunny blanket' (if I might say)...

The "cuddly bunny blanket" thing really got to me so I'm breaking my lurking. If you are really desperate, would you give my guide I posted on MTS a try? ? We've gotten Urban Sims's Titan Xp (WTF?!), lots of 2080s, 2070s, and company, and piles of slightly weaker stuff working. The recent resurgence of Sims 2 streaming is no coincidence. Apparently streamers tend to have powerful gaming computers too!

If you have issues, please don't hesitate to hit up the Discord link in the guide.

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Hi @crazysim! Smile Thank you for the link, will definitely have a look at Discord! <3

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Hi @crazysim! I sent you a private message on last Friday (November 15th). Thank you for reading it, please. Wink

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Nevermind, I hadn't gotten to page 2.

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For the amount of trouble getting TS2 working on a newer computer, It's simply just easier, more functional, to get an older laptop for around $100+-, to play the game. I would much rather do this, than to spend hours, and hours, getting a game that isn't designed to play on new hardware, that isn't designed to play older games, on an O/S that is hostile for it, and could nuke the game, with the next update. As far as I'm concerned, The Sims 2, for the most part, is unplayable on the newest systems.

I also understand that Europeans, have a severe lack of used computers. Kind of a "catch 22". If you're in the U.S. it's very easy, overseas, not so much. The efforts of those working on a solution to the problem, are to be lauded for sure, but I think as more, and more time passes, you're banging your head against a brick wall.

Due to an over abundance of used laptops here in the U.S., I'm currently trying to find a shipping solution, (at least to various European countries), for getting some older ThinkPads, and Dells to you. Still having not found one, there are some that look promising, and I'll continue my search.

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You still haven't told me what the problem is with your Acer. Does it just not turn on? Did the hard disk crash? Does it turn on for a few seconds, and shut down?

Some of these issues, may be as simple as replacing a ram stick.

I can't know for sure, without your input.

Did you test your charger?
Have you tested your ram?
a cheap, and easy upgrade for your hard disk needs, could spring it back to life. I just don't know.

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Oops, sorry @Kunder ! :o :/ I forgot to answer you.

My Acer does turn on, but the screen remains black. The machine still runs I think because I can hear it. But... Black screen.

I think I will try to have it repaired at my usual computing store in town, for Christmas.

Still is it a pity I can't use The Sims 2 on my big gamer desktop PC, too. :/

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Get a strong flashlight, turn on your Acer, give it time to boot. Shine the flashlight real close to the display, and see if you can see your desktop. If yes, replace screen. If not? You should have a VGA port. Have you tried an external monitor? If the external monitor does work, you can easily replace the screen, or just use the external monitor.

It won't run any better on a new rig, than the Acer, especially if you're using the dGPU.

I run mine on a Win7 Pro, ThinkPad, W540 w/nVidia, K2100m graphics, and it doesn't run any better on my Win10 MSI, with a 1070ti (when it was running, before I updated it).

:EDIT: My MSI works, but TS2 on Win 10 doesn't, and I feel it's too much trouble to try and fix the problem, when I have other computers that run TS2, just fine.
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Just in-case you didn't get my PM on MTS, I'll still be around tomorrow on that Discord channel/server (#sims-2-help on PleasantSims / if you need help. I might not answer very late at night in the US but mention/notify me in that channel anyway.

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Thanks, @crazysim .


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