My older laptop (from 2012) on which The Sims 2 worked, passed away!
#21 02-12-2019 
I talked to poisson on Discord and I didn't do jack and it launched fine and rendered fine. *shrug*.

I think poisson is in a walking ghost phase though. The RTX 2070 still has 8GB of VRAM and will probably manifest pink and purple eventually. We'll do the D9VK thing when it comes to that.

#22 04-12-2019 
Thank you for reporting it here, @crazysim . Smile

I've sent a message to you on Discord a few minutes ago. Wink

#23 01-05-2020 
You know what? I've figured out what was wrong with my The Sims 2 installation on my most recent powerful desktop! :o

When you install the Scriptorium software, you HAVE TO choose SCRIPTORIUM ONLY, because the Radiance software included makes The Sims 2 crash! That's it! Smile

As a result, I can now play Sims 2 BOTH on my laptop and on my desktop PC!!! \o/ Big Grin



(29-08-2019 06:39 PM)poisson Wrote:  My older laptop (from 2012) on which The Sims 2 worked, passed away!


Hi LeeFishers, and others! Smile

I was wondering if anyone has finally found a solution for The Sims 2 to work on a very recent and very powerful PC (custom-made gamer desktop)?

I have a new desktop since March 2019, and I now need The Sims 2 to work on it, because of the "death" of the laptop...

- Operating System: Windows 10, the most recent Family Edition with the latest updates;

- CPU: Intel Core i7-8700 6-core @ 3.2 GHz;

- GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070;

- RAM: 16 Gb.

...according to anyone, is it possible to play one of my all-time favourite games, again, on that PC? :/

Thanks for any answer!

edit: please, let me know if I have to add any other information! Wink


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