#21 18-04-2020 
[Image: TS2-BurningTree01.jpg]
Well, this is different! For the first time, I saw two firefighters jump out of the same fire truck to combat a blaze. The blaze came about when a bolt of lightning struck a tree right as the thunderstorm ended, so there wasn't any rain to extinguish the blaze. I was too busy skilling with my Sim to notice right away, then I gradually overheard a rather large chorus of fire-watching panickers outside and had Milk call the fire department.

There was a split-second pause while the game generated the second firefighter, which makes me go "Hmm". As far as I know, the three Pleasantview firefighters are still around and still on the job. Was a new firefighter really necessary? Undecided

[Image: TS2-BurningTree02.jpg]
Bearing in mind that this pile of ash and ruin used to be one of those little-bitty, sapling-sized lollypop crabapple trees that costs around 130 Simoleons, that's a pretty big pile of ash!

[Image: TS2-WalkThePlank01.jpg]
Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! You need a bath! Jump already! Jump! Jump, you coward!

[Image: TS2-WalkThePlank02.jpg]
They never jump. Why didn't you script that in, Maxis? I'm disappointed! Tongue

#22 25-04-2020 
[Image: TS2-DastardlyWitches01.jpg]
So I did a dastardly thing and descended on the Fortress of Eternal Darkness with those five neutral witches from Kileighney Hagg's coven.

[Image: TS2-DastardlyWitches02.jpg]

[Image: TS2-DastardlyWitches03.jpg]
Before Mackenzie Long (the resident Atrociously Evil High Witch) could do anything, my witches laid claim to every grimoire and every cauldron in the place.

[Image: TS2-DastardlyWitches04.jpg]
Don't even think about it, Mackenzie!

[Image: TS2-DastardlyWitches05.jpg]
That's right! My book of spells! Leave it alone!

[Image: TS2-DastardlyWitches06.jpg]
But at least Mackenzie had her cat. I couldn't take that from her, right? Wink

[Image: TS2-WeirdWants01.jpg]
And apparently, this Want exists.

[Image: TS2-WeirdWants02.jpg]
So does this one.

What else have I yet to stumble across after the better part of two decades? Tongue

#23 01-06-2020 
[Image: TS2-Screenshots-01-1.jpg]
So this llama mascot beat up that cow mascot, and the cow mascot said this and left. I think I've only seen Sims who lose a fight say that "I'm staying out of your way" blurb maybe once or twice in all my years of Simming. What causes them to say that? Undecided

[Image: TS2-Screenshots-01-0.jpg]
When your date starts farting bubbles, you know that the date's a good one!

(Nah, not really. He took a swim in her pool and the SFX had an oopsie. The date just happened to be great...dreamy, even! Tongue )

[Image: TS2-Screenshots-01-2.jpg]
And now it's You Imbecile!'s turn to learn that neither Carmilla von Carstein nor her newspapers are to be trifled with! Big Grin

#24 16-07-2020 
Hey, it's a legitimate question about TS2's game mechanics! But I don't think it warrants its own topic, so here it is. Tongue

[Image: TS2-SimsFallingInLove1.jpg]
Why is it that, even with the Long-Term and Short-Term Relationship requisites being met, any Kiss all the way up to Make Out won't trigger any Crush or Love status...

[Image: TS2-SimsFallingInLove2.jpg]
...and neither will any Hug all the way up to Squeeze...

[Image: TS2-SimsFallingInLove3.jpg]
...but a mere, measly Flirt — anything above Check Sim Out, it seems — is what pushes Sims over the edge to Lovesville? Undecided

I'm no love expert, but I'm pretty sure that casually saying, "Hey, babe, I think you're hot," doesn't quite carry as much weight as fitfully clamping both of the recipient's buttocks in all ten of your fingers and pressing your bodily mass firmly against hers — or his — as a torrid prelude to a third-degree liplock.

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#25 20-07-2020 
[Image: TS2-RubiksOrb.jpg]
Rubik's Orb. Big Grin

[Image: TS2-CarmillaMasterRobotician.jpg]
It took a while — years of off-and-on play — but Carmilla finally got her Gold Robotics Badge.

[Image: TS2-KidsAndCandy.jpg]
Watching adults teaching children how to make candy never gets old. Smile

[Image: TS2-HangOutWithChair.jpg]
And I just found out that it's possible to Hang Out with someone who's seated in a chair. Who knew?

#26 01-08-2020 
[Image: TS2-SportyAxes.jpg]
Sometimes, I like to forget that throwing large, bladed implements at a painted chunk of wood is considered a sport. Tongue

[Image: TS2-MaggVsCharlatan01.jpg]
You know, Charlatan, there are some wagons that you just shouldn't chase.

This would be one of them.

[Image: TS2-MaggVsCharlatan02.jpg]
Clearly, that window pane isn't as solid as one might expect.

[Image: TS2-MaggVsCharlatan03.jpg]

[Image: TS2-MaggVsCharlatan04.jpg]
Take that! And that! And that one too!

[Image: TS2-MaggVsCharlatan05.jpg]

Are they done yet?

I think I need to get rid of Pescado's Fight Club. It makes fights take half of forever!

[Image: TS2-MaggVsCharlatan06.jpg]
Finally, Magg Ice-Hunter got her gold back.

Be glad that she didn't break out the Mace of Bombaata +5, Charlatan! It can leave some nasty welts! Tongue
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#27 01-08-2020 
You've been following BlueHeavenSims work, right?

#28 01-08-2020 
Yep! I get an email every time Ocelot posts another post on Blue Heaven Sims and/or its more risqué sister site. Ocelot keeps delivering, so I keep grabbing his stuff up.

(And you too can get your own Bombaata's Mace accessory here, and a barbarian-quality sabretooth cowl here. Also, furs, axes and swords! )

Have I showed you my house that's a hovering spaceship with a crew? Almost all of that spaceship is Blue Heaven Sims goodies. Big Grin

#29 01-08-2020 
LOL - he's a friend/acquaintance of mine from another sim site. I can't wait to be able to use some of his CC. (When my new simming 'beast' gets here) LOL!
I have it all downloaded, but haven't looked at any of it in game yet...
Mind you, I'm not so much into the 'people' (I couldn't care less what the sims look like) - It's the building/furniture items I like Wink

#30 03-08-2020 
I like it all, really. Architecture, Simmy looks, Simmy relationships and politics, Simmy get-a-lot-of-money-and-big-honkin-mansions...the whole Simmy experience, really. Smile

Speaking of all that jazz...

[Image: TS2-MurderIsGood1.jpg]
"...people are starting to see that you're a good Sim."

...and this was immediately after Magg killed Karzarra by throwing an axe at her head! Call it a sparring accident. Tongue

So yeah, there's something innately contrary about that whole "You're doing good deeds and people love you" sentiment.

(Also, the Grim Reaper could be a little less rude and maybe not stand on the heads of dying people, thanks.)

[Image: TS2-MurderIsGood2.jpg]
Karzarra got better, of course. My dying Sims usually do.

[Image: TS2-MurderIsGood3.jpg]
Stop weeping, Thursa. You should know by now that Karzarra gets killed at least once a week!

The SimValkyries in SimValhalla are not amused.

(I wonder how one would go about creating a mod that turns the Grim Reaper into a Valkyrie...or any other cultural personification of Death, really. I have a mod that turns the scrungy-looking Sims 2 Reaper into the snazzy-looking Sims 3 Reaper, right? How hard could it be? Big Grin )


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