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(01-08-2020 07:44 PM)CatherineTCJD Wrote:  LOL - he's a friend/acquaintance of mine from another sim site. I can't wait to be able to use some of his CC. (When my new simming 'beast' gets here) LOL!
I have it all downloaded, but haven't looked at any of it in game yet...
Mind you, I'm not so much into the 'people' (I couldn't care less what the sims look like) - It's the building/furniture items I like Wink
I think you were having a problem or two with the new computer, weren't you? How's that coming along for you now?

Also, in case you downloaded that "Let's Get Mauled" set from Blue Heaven Sims, I noticed that, while I was poking around the Accessories menu (while messing around with Magg and her rather large mace again), Thorgrim's Maul had the option to put it in the Sim's hand, but the option to mount Thorgrim's Maul to the Sim's back was missing, despite the site's screenshots showing that that was — or should have been — an option.

So later, I started digging around in the appropriate folder and found something that Ocelotekatl hadn't warned us about: There are actually two files for Thorgrim's Maul - Back, one of them with the extension ".package.$old" and one with ".package.$new".

[Image: TS2-ThorgrimsMaulOopsie.jpg]

So I deleted the "$old" file and truncated the other one to just plain ".package". When I play TS2 again, I'll see if my effort met with success. I also shot Ocelot a message about this issue and why there wasn't any mention of an old Maul and a new Maul in his post; we'll see what he says.

It had to be done. Hey, we're talking about Thorgrim's maul here. Thorgrim's maul is very, very important! Tongue

(We all remember Thorgrim and his pillar-smashing maul, don't we? Of course we do! Big Grin )

#32 04-08-2020 
Nope - didn't DL any of the 'body' stuff - only the build stuff Big Grin
On the computer front...
*sigh* My main Win 7/TS2 work-horse is dead currently. Glare I needed to clone the dying HD to my new one - but after I installed the new one, the old one wouldn't boot up. So, there it sits.
Unfortunately, I'm not in a very tech-savvy area. I have called several (well, 3. There's only 3 listed for this area) tech people, but they haven't called back. So, they've probably been corona'd out of business. I drove 40 minutes to two different shops, and the were both closed up - out of business.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
Yes, I have back ups of all my pertinent information - but, I need that machine.
My W10 machine has a very small HD - it is basically just a browser with a little storage on the side. My W7 machine is my business machine (besides being my main TS2 machine) - and Christmas is coming - I really need to get a few new listings up!
Grrrrr - if I could just find somebody local who could help Sad
Sorry to hijack your thread there; but you did ask - and I guess I needed to let some steam escape. Thanks! Blush

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Oh, you're not hijacking anything, and you do need to vent, from the sound of things. Ultimately, this thread exists by Simmers for Simmers, right? I, for one, would like to see you get back on your feet.

What are you using to transfer files and directories from one computer to another, might I ask?

(Oh, yes...Ocelotekatl explained that the program he uses to compress .package files didn't like the one for Thorgrim's Maul - Back, so it automatically split it into the $old (noncompressed) file and the $new (compressed) one. Just delete the $old file and rename the other from ".package.$new" to ".package" and it should work. Thanks for the fast reply, Ocelot! Smile )

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Well... I was using Macrium Reflect - that wasn't the issue.
The issue was that my old HD didn't turn on one last time like I needed it to do. Glare ( <<< That little grumpy face is just too darn cute! LOL!)
Anyway, I may have found a local tech person. Our church choir director (who is also the school system's tech guy; but says he can't fix my problem - thanks buddy! Rolleyes ) recommended these guys. They have absolutely NO on-line presence... I am not very confident of their abilities at this point. But, we shall see.

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I wonder if a file recovery program will work on a hard drive that's mostly dead or completely dead. I fried a hard drive once, but I hooked the crispy drive into another computer as a slave drive, then I ran Seagate File Recovery for Windows. It got almost all of my files off the dead drive, and I had to rename some of those files that were salvaged (which Seagate File Recovery helped me do). That was about nine or ten years ago, and the program cost me $99 online. But I still have it, and it still works. So $99 for a lifetime with a bit more peace of mind? I think it's worth the cost.

As for recommending a company that turned out to be a bum steer, you could always go around your social circle and "amend" your recommendation. Sure they'll appreciate the fair warning. Wink

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Simsday and Pfugsly Smaddams.

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Do I see a Ghomez, Mortisha and Pfester Smaddams in that sidebar there? Big Grin

(And where are Granny, Cousin It and Lurch? Ya gotta have them too, you know! Wink )
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Uncle Smester, Smomez, Smorticia, Simsday, and Pfugsly. No Cousin "It", because no one has made the hair/hat/glasses. I do have "Smurch" in the works, and will use him as soon as I can get his height at a permanent level.

#39 06-08-2020 
LOL! Smaddams - love it! Heart

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[Image: TS2-LittleFoxNewspaperThief.jpg]
The newspaper thieves around here keep getting younger and younger.

I wait with bated breath for my first toddler-age crawl-by klepto!

[Image: TS2-VacationMuscles.jpg]
If you can get a mod that re-enables Skill gains while on community lots or in vacationhoods, do so. Why should Sims stop learning things just because they're on vacation (or "on furlough" and/or "on holiday," to those of you East of the Atlantic)? Smile

[Image: TS2-PassingTheSink01.jpg]
So then Marcella walked a load of dishes right past two sinks...

[Image: TS2-PassingTheSink02.jpg] a dishwasher all the way around the corner.

I don't think she's a particularly Lazy Sim. Maybe the dishwasher is just prettier.

[Image: TS2-ShareHobbyTips.jpg]
I sometimes forget that the "Share Hobby Tips" social interaction exists.

It doesn't seem to do anything for Relationships, but it's nice for maintaining Hobby Enthusiasm. Undecided


Sorry, that is a members only option