#11 03-03-2020 
[Image: TS2-TransmogrifyingLunaOne1.jpg]

[Image: TS2-TransmogrifyingLunaOne2.jpg]

Finally attempting to transmogrify a Servo for the first time.

The head's easily doable with the Sim Blender and/or the Batbox, but the body's going to take some SimPE work. And SimPE's being a little prig right now. Rolleyes

#12 04-03-2020 
[Image: TS2-BenneGetsZapped.jpg]

Benne was being naughty, so she got to meet ZapTron-9000 Mk 3, the latest in a series of fine SentryBots.

Go steal somebody else's newspaper, Benne! Tongue

#13 21-03-2020 
[Image: TS2-MerelithAndTheCleanBot.jpg]
After the Chimera sisters got into the Landgraab Society, Merelith decided to fix the whole "Landgraab Society dormies are pathological slobs who never clean up after themselves" problem by giving the manor its own CleanBot. Fittingly, the CleanBot was named Landgraabs-R-Pigs-9000.

Shortly after, I was reminded that the best source of compost in TS2 is a malfunctioning CleanBot.

(Just be careful with that. One of my Sims — Doctor Malevolence — was once killed by flies when he went out to clean up after his CleanBot. He got better.)

[Image: TS2-NinjaSwords.jpg]
"What would a sword be without a ninja to wield it?"

It would be a sword.

[Image: TS2-MeiTeleports.jpg]
Mei Bangwan eventually got the hang of that whole teleportation thing.

[Image: TS2-DeadEggplant01.jpg]
Meanwhile, over at Charisma Chubbs' place, Charisma was so busy with her new live-in lover Sunny (a masseuse temporarily aged down to a Teen so that she could go through college) that they both allowed seven eggplants in their garden to die, simply by not harvesting them in a timely manner. I had Sunny compost six of the dead eggplants, leaving one alone just to see if the local Garden Club would notice it.

[Image: TS2-DeadEggplant02.jpg]
They did.

Nothing gets past Tiffany Zarubin!

[Image: TS2-StarrTwinsUpdate01.jpg]
Lilandra! It's been Simmy years since Gordon King broke into your house! You were just a little girl back then! And he got caught before he could actually steal anything! Let it go already! Rolleyes

[Image: TS2-StarrTwinsUpdate02.jpg]
The Starr Twins still make evil snowmen, too. And Lilandra eventually got her Games hobby plaque (while Dierdre was too busy dabbling with Film & Literature to keep her Games enthusiasm up). I probably should have taken screenshots of that.
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#14 22-03-2020 
[Image: TS2-RoxieAndDestryGetHitched01.jpg]
Oh, yeah! I did get a screenshot about Lilandra Starr getting her Games plaque! Silly me! Tongue

The girls were playing Chess at the time, of course.

[Image: TS2-RoxieAndDestryGetHitched02.jpg]
So Lilandra and Dierdre were getting pretty close to their Teen birthday, and I decided that they should get a very special birthday gift: Their own father, a masseur with whom their mother Roxie had shared a romantic tryst (and who accidentally got her pregnant with the girls while that was going on). And Roxie had her hands full with being a single mother, so why not bring him back into the picture?

So Destry Davison accepted Roxie's proposal to move in with them, and he immediately tried to assume his place in the family — as a loving and devoted househusband — by cleaning, gardening and cooking while Roxie and their daughters were out and about.

[Image: TS2-RoxieAndDestryGetHitched03.jpg]
...or trying to, anyway.

Then Roxie and Destry got engaged as soon as Roxie came home from work, and I tried to get a screenshot or three of that proposal, but the stupid locker in their bedroom blocked the screenshot! So no pic there.

[Image: TS2-RoxieAndDestryGetHitched04.jpg]
And I got two birthday cakes for the twins, and all four of them got on their phones and started inviting guests over for the birthday party. But before I could get the girls to their respective birthday cakes, 6:00 PM struck and the girls aged to Teens spontaneously. A birthday party, with no birthday cakes (since I suddenly had to throw both cakes out, uneaten, at 30 Simoleons a pop...thanks for the wasted cakes, Maxis!) and about a dozen guests? I had to do something, fast!

[Image: TS2-RoxieAndDestryGetHitched05.jpg]
Surprise, surprise, everyone! This birthday party just became a wedding party!

One wedding arch, one buffet table, two bubble blowers and a very pricey wedding cake later, Roxie and Destry were tying the knot!

Debb Nebula (and a whole bunch of guests, including the two Cow Mascots whom Roxie had befriended back in college) watched on, of course. Smile

[Image: TS2-RoxieAndDestryGetHitched06.jpg]
So the wedding arch pronounced them husband and wife, and they all went back inside to pump that party rating up a notch or two. Destry's sparkly, non-burnt Comfort Soup helped big time.

[Image: TS2-RoxieAndDestryGetHitched07.jpg]
That fancy wedding cake (compliments of food.rar) cost 1,000 Simoleons. Someone needs to keep that cake from going to waste!

[Image: TS2-RoxieAndDestryGetHitched08.jpg]
The party wasn't the best party ever, but it was nonetheless good enough for the police to invite themselves in. Tongue

[Image: TS2-RoxieAndDestryGetHitched09.jpg]
I wouldn't exactly say that a Not Bad birthday-cum-wedding party "rocked," but there were definitely some good vibes going on.

[Image: TS2-RoxieAndDestryGetHitched10.jpg]
At least one of the two Cow Mascots got dressed for the occasion. Thanks, Alon! For a bothersome evil mascot, you're pretty cool.

[Image: TS2-RoxieAndDestryGetHitched11.jpg]
At this time, I wish to point out that there is still some expensive wedding cake sitting in the kitchen, and it is still not eaten. Did I mention that the non-eaten cake was expensive? Hint, hint!

Suck it down, Roxie! All y'all, grab some cake and suck it down! Suck it down hard and fast!

[Image: TS2-RoxieAndDestryGetHitched12.jpg]

That cake's top tier has an extremely refined sense of balance.

[Image: TS2-RoxieAndDestryGetHitched13.jpg]
So then Destry and Roxie went upstairs and did what pretty much every newlywed couple in every reality* does on their wedding night: Making (more) babies.

*Tyrion Lannister and Sansa Stark were a rare exception, and they had perfectly decent reasons for not honoring the Bedding tradition. Leave them alone. Tongue

[Image: TS2-RoxieAndDestryGetHitched14.jpg]
See? Told you so.

(Note to self: That Parsimonious outfit does not have a pregmorph. Which is too bad. Pregnant women are beautiful!)

[Image: TS2-RoxieAndDestryGetHitched15.jpg]
No, Roxie. I don't care how pregnant you are! That car drove all the way out here to take you to work, so be agreeable and get your baby-lugging buns to work!

She went to work. And she even got a promotion while she was at it. I guess she was working for two, too! Smile

#15 26-03-2020 
[Image: TS2-FlamingPooBag1.jpg]
Dinah? What are you doing?

[Image: TS2-FlamingPooBag2.jpg]
All I did was set the indoor barbecue grill on fire during our date, thus fulfilling my own massive Fear while you were outside and completely ignorant of the fire's existance! Why are you so upset? Huh

[Image: TS2-FlamingPooBag3.jpg]
Then Dinah and Venus became best friends. So Dinah got over it, I guess. Tongue

#16 27-03-2020 
[Image: TS2-HiddenUndergroundTreasureVault1.jpg]

[Image: TS2-HiddenUndergroundTreasureVault2.jpg]

[Image: TS2-HiddenUndergroundTreasureVault3.jpg]

My zombies have a hidden underground treasure vault.

Do your zombies have a hidden underground treasure vault? Tongue

#17 31-03-2020 

Simple way to make a Servo Look Human SimPE not needed. Items needed Sim Blender and an optional item to change their outfits, I like the ClothingTool from MATY myself.

Step one: with Sim Blender use the Plastic Surgery Funtion on the Servo, this will make their head look human. Step two: use Sim Blender and make the Servo a Teen by aging them down. Now they have a human body. Step three: Age the Servo to Adult. Step four {optional} Change their Clothing and make up if they are female with clothingtool from MATY. Just have the Servo Click on the Pile of Clothes that is the clothingtool and choose their outfit, you can choose Gym clothes and Underwear and Pajamas and Swimwear, but I am sure that those are ignored, what is used are the clothes for Casual and the clothes for Formal. Also you can change their Facial Stuff at the end with the clothingtool or you can use the Sim Blender.

#18 31-03-2020 
Considering that Servos and water don't mix, I'm sure that there's no point in giving them swimwear anyway. Wink

I was afraid that using SimBlender to alter a Servo's age would cause all kinds of bad voodoo to happen, but it sounds like that's not a game-breaking thing to do. But what kind of skintone or bodyshape will your Servo get if you use that approach?

(Pescado's stuff still scares me, but I suppose that it couldn't hurt to go hunting for the ClothingTool. Thank you. Smile )

#19 31-03-2020 
Pescado has a Sense of Humour so He loves to tell people that his stuff is dangerous. The FFS Lot Debugger is capable of doing stuff that you likely should not do, but the options to do those things do not appear unless you have TestingCheats on. So it is not that risky and if you read the documentation which he does provide it warns you.

I have a number of Mods from MATY, I just pick out the ones that I like and I keep in mind that Pescado is known for adding undocumented features. So I do my research on his stuff, but I don't avoid his mods, I have 49 Mods by Pescado.

Changing Age between Toddler and Elder is safe, the only thing you might have an issue with is Memories, but that is fixiable and not critical.

I don't pay too much attention to body shape when I am working on one of my Servos, but I think you can make them Fat, Average or Fit with the Sim Blender. I usually just have them set to their default, which I think is Average, or it might have to do with the Activator...Just not sure, pretty sure that you can change the Fitness Level with the Sim Blender though. Skin Colour is always Fair Skinned {I am not sure what the number is}, I wish I could make them look like Aliens, but I doubt that it is possilble for me to do it.


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