#51 10-03-2021 
[Image: TS2-VenusPaintsForTheMob.jpg]

That Chance Card on the Artist career track — the one where you basically have to choose whether or not to paint a mural for some Mafia family — might be risky, but it can pay off big. Ka-CHING! Big Grin

[Image: TS2-VenusRaisesCritters.jpg]

Doesn't it seem like Family Sims get the worst, most troublesome, most PITA Lifetime Wants? Undecided

And Hippolyta — Venus' fiancée and fellow Family Sim — has "Be Best Friends with 20 pets at the same time" for her LTW.

Oh, well. Challenges accepted! Three pets down, 17 to go! Rolleyes

(Do you think that perhaps I should turn Venus and Hippolyta into werewolves and/or witches? It could make befriending all those animals a great deal easier.... )


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