4 gb patch not working.
#11 03-12-2019 
it was not the mods.

#12 03-12-2019 
The texture memory still shows 980, did you replace the graphics rules with the one kiri posted?

#13 03-12-2019 
i did yes.

#14 03-12-2019 
just now i erased all the logs and re- downloaded and imput Kiri's graphics rules however just in case i did somthing wrong and re-opened the game and the texture memory is now showing up as 10178MB so idk how i messed that up before.

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#15 03-12-2019 
okay it hasnt crashed again since but my sims returned home from a community lot and everything is flashing pink now.

#16 04-12-2019 
OK. Flashing pink is a different problem.

As you can see - we've got your 4G working, and your texture memory is working now too. So the crashing part of the problem should be over.

What is the size of your download folder?

#17 04-12-2019 
okay thats the embarrassing part, which i was hoping to avoid admitting to ^^; 20.9 gb. most of its all cas stuff but i have some build mode... its all accumulated over the years as these are backed up downloads from my much younger siming days.. i have all of them sorted by type of download but with many files not having clear names its hard to start erasing what kind of cas stuff i dont actually use. Anyways, is it just the mods that are causing the pink flash? do i need to start removing stuff?

its really weird cause in the game the flashes dont happen consistently, ill leave my house to go to a community lot and it will flash but if i leave and come back it might be back to normal, same goes for the house itself. so far im not sure if its breaking it or if its just more of a nuisance..

#18 04-12-2019 

Bad news - it's NOT the mods that are causing the problem. Pink Flashing is caused by running out of texture memory, because Sims2 has not got a good way of recycling it's memory space.

Here is a youtube that explains why Pink Flashing occurs -

Ideally what you need to do is reduce the amount of CC in your game. Or more importantly reduce the amount of CC in your game that has large textures.

I would start with bedding. Default the 50 or so CC bedding that you use - using this tutorial (Creating Object Default Replacements)

But yes, you ARE going to have to bite the bullet and reduce your CC.

#19 04-12-2019 
figures, ill figure somthing out then, thankyou very much, you have helped me soo soo much Smile
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#20 01-07-2020 
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I've tried this and it worked the first time then the memory changed back to what it was before and I've re downloaded and tried multiple times but won't work Sad

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