OH, Man! :(
#11 30-11-2019 
(30-11-2019 06:41 AM)leefish Wrote:  Wow, a lucky escape it seems. I hope that it all goes well with the healing and as BO says, kudos to you for not rubbing her nose in her mistake.
No, no point in rubbing it in, especially after saying "Stupid hurts" herself. She knows she mucked up.

#12 30-11-2019 
(30-11-2019 05:58 AM)BoilingOil Wrote:  All my best to both Mrs. K and you, @Kunder. Hope she'll feel better soon, but yeah, a break like that is going to require quite some time to fully heal. If it even does heal completely.

It's cool that you love your wife well enough to not rub her nose in how stupid she's been, realizing that she knows it well enough already. Praise be to you, my friend!
Thanks @BoilingOil. She's better today, but still hurts. I feel bad for her. No, I don't have the heart to rub her nose in it. That would be like kicking your favorite stuffed animal. We've been together almost 20 yrs, mostly because we know when NOT to open our mouths and critisize.

#13 01-12-2019 
Sending healing wishes and prayers to Mrs K. I hope she feels better very soon!

#14 01-12-2019 
Thank you, @Karen Lorraine. She has a nasty "ring bruise" encircling her upper arm. I'm trying to keep an eye out for potential DVT, and blood clots. She goes to see the doc, again on Monday. I'm making sure her hand isn't getting cold, making sure her pulse in that arm is strong. No compartment syndrome, so.... So far, so good. So to speak.

I helped her with a shower last night, that went ok, as she's doing a little better. She's currently sleeping on the couch, and I'm on the floor next to her, in case she wakes up, and needs something. She isn't comfortable in the bed, and moves around way too much, when she's sleeping. The couch keeps her from moving around. We also have a 125lb German Shepard, who is currently sleeping on the floor at her feet. She's very protective of her best friend.

I really feel bad for her. Sad

#15 01-12-2019 
Hope Mrs K's recovery goes smoothly! Sounds like you are keeping a really good eye on her though!

#16 31-12-2019 
Mrs. K has been on my mind... how is the arm? And the rest?
I hope it has all mostly healed by now.
Heart {{{hugs}}} Heart

#17 23-04-2020 
She's about 90% now. I was a PTA years ago, and helped her with her PT. She's back to work, and I'm back to trolling people on the internet, playing "The Long Dark", and "The Sims 2", and rebuilding older laptops for playing TS2. All is well. Thank you! Hope y'all are doing well... Have a GREAT day! Smile

My sincere thanks, to all of you, showing concern, and your kind words, and well wishing. God Bless you all!
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#18 27-04-2020 
I have never broken an arm, but I broke my right leg when I was 12 or so. I still remember how much it hurt, so I can appreciate how much pain your wife was in. I am glad that your Thanksgiving was good.

I hope that everyone is doing well and trying to stay healthy. I am doing well myself. Take care everyone.

#19 27-04-2020 
Still as well as might be expected, and hoping that the same goes for everyone here.


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