My game keeps crashing, and I can't figure out why
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Since you mentioned elder transition crashing the game, check your downloads folder if you have file called "uhkjhihjkj(11)" or any other random-numbers-and-letters file which size is 6.64mb. It's easiest to find them by simply searching the whole downloads folder for *.package and then set the results in size order from biggest to smallest, there aren't many other that big files unless you bundle them yourself. If you find the file(s) open it up in SimPE and check if all it contains are 1534 CRES files, if that's the case just delete it, it's a junk file that likes attaching itself to downloaded Sims and it can cause crashing. It's not needed for anything although sometimes people claim that it's a mesh (it's not, it doesn't have the resources mesh do but since it often hijacks simpacks people think that it's clothing mesh when in reality it often just means that particular sim is wearing clothes using mesh from the game instead)

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@digi - I've had birthdays before in this hood without any problems. I did look for what you said, but couldn't find any.

So today was finally the day I had enough free time to actually sit down and play through a simweek (for the 3rd in that family). Unfortunatly I didn't get very far.
I loaded the family, redid the house since it's not big enough for the family and started playing. Only to have the game crash after only 5 minutes in Sad
I've add the 'Sims2Exception' file, if that makes any sence to anybody.

I'm going to try to load the game one more time, and continue where it crashed, in hopes it doesn't crash again, but if it does, I think my hood is dead Sad
If it crashes I might start all over again with a new hood.

Edit: loadede the game again, and crashed again after only 5 minutes, so I guess it's time to admit defeat unfortunatly.

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@TanjaVdA having survived age transitions before is no guarantee that it will go well again. Especially if you downloaded new stuff since that time. Because any of the newly downloaded CC objects can bring something with it that crashes your game, especially if that CC has something to do with the skin or clothing of your sim's new age.

For example, if you sim has a custom skintone for which no appropriate elder-compatible texture is available, then your game will play fine as long as that sim is still an adult. But as soon as that sim grows up to elder, the missing texture may (and most likely WILL) very well crash the game.

And if this is indeed the cause of your problem, it would be best to find out which skin is doing this. You can destroy this hood and start a new one as often as you like, but as soon as a sim in that new hood with that same skin grows up to elder, you will get the same result: CRASH!
And if it's not a skin that's doing this, it must be something else. At any rate, something causes the crashes, and ignoring that is not going to make it go away, alas.

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@BoilingOil - that's interesting! And I've should have thought about that since it's logical. It's not the problem with my crashing though. I've been using the same skin replacements for years, and never had any problems with them. I also had a few elder birthdays before the crashing start, and also without any problem.

I've been a bit stupid today though. The plan was to put in the back up of the hood and take out the 'creature fixes' and test it again. But I forgot to take out the 'creaturefixes'. And had crashed after playing for 5 minutes.
Once I figured that out, I went back to the back up once more and started again after putting the "alien eye" thing you've shared here.
I have to admit, I didn't redocrate their house for the 4th time this time around. But I was able the play an entire simweek without one crash!!

I'm starting to be a carefully optimistic here!

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@TanjaVdA, congrats on getting your game going again. That's always good to hear/read.

I see what you're saying with regard to the skins. But skins was only an example. It could've been something else, too. The problem is that it could've been anything, and you'll never know until you run into it and figure out why it happens. Which we often don't, simply because there are too many possibilities.

Anyway, I hope the eyes -- such as they are -- are to your liking. They've served me well ever since I got them.

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Apparently still have crashes Sad though seem less frequent, but still Sad
Don't know what to do anymore. Will try playing some more tomorrow, but don't have high hope.
@ celebkiriedhel said at the beginning that it might be the hood itself, and I'm starting to think it really is. Just don't want to start over Sad

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I was afraid that your optimism was somewhat premature. But I also *hoped* that it would work out. I'm sorry to read that it does not. We all know how frustrating it is to throw away a hood that you've invested a lot of time and emotions in. Nobody wants to start over...

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Yeah, I was hoping for another outcome, but in the back of my mind I think I knew it wasn't going to work out.
I tried to play through one week, and got 4 crashes, so that doesn't look good at all.
When Celebkiriedhel said it was the hood, I should have gone with that.

I'm going to try to start another hood today (a legacy this time and not a bacc), and see how far I get there. If I don't have any crashes I guess we'll know it's the hood for sure. If I'm still getting crashes, welll I'll have no idea what to do anymore.
If the crashes stop, I'll start another bacc soon.

I'll keep you posted.
Thanks for all the help anyway!


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