How Do YOU Pronounce It?
#1 02-01-2020 
[Image: TS2-HeidiFuchs.jpg]

Well? Tongue

  1. HIE-dee FUHCH-iss
  2. HIE-dee FUHCH (with a silent S)
  3. HIE-dee FUHKS
  4. HIE-dee FOOCH-iss
  5. HIE-dee FOOCH (with a silent S)
  6. HIE-dee FOOKS
  7. HAY-dee [whatever]
  8. [Other]

And doesn't have proper Poll options, I take it. Undecided
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#2 03-01-2020 
well I'm german so I pronounce it that way Wink having a little trouble knowing which of your options would sound like mine (phonetics are not my strong suit). I'm guessing number 6 would be the way I say it. "Fuchs" means fox by the way.

#3 03-01-2020 
The "fooks" in #6 rhymes with "spooks," "dukes" and "pukes," if that helps. Wink

And isn't Heidi a fairly common girls' name in Germany too? Perhaps Miss Fuchs there is a Sim-German woman who was born in Sim Japan by mistake. Big Grin

#4 04-01-2020 
yeah I think it's number 6 then. Well Heidi Klum is german and there's a swiss childrens story whose main character is Heidi which is quite famous too in germany (used to have the book as a child and watch it on tv). I think it was fairly common in the past probably having a comeback like most of those names but I'm not up to date on common names in germany (I'm quite isolated), don't think I know or ever knew anyone in real live with that name though.
Pretty sure the swiss story of Heidi had a japanese anime so maybe your Sim sprung out of that Tongue

#5 06-01-2020 
I just went for a walk last night, through Berlin, very busy part of the city what did just run by me? A "Fuchs" haven't seen one here in at least 10 years... think it's your fault Wink

#6 06-01-2020 
Uh oh! I didn't mean it! Curse those Butterfly Effects! Big Grin

#7 Yesterday 
Definitely Number 6. Note that I changed all of the names of the Sims in the Far East Vacation Location to Chinese Names. I like to name my sims Heidi and I will have to look to see if I have any Fuchs in my Playables, I checked and I have an Alison Fuchs and an Edward Fuchs in different households. I think I will make sure to keep their last name going and then have a Heidi Fuchs sometime soon.


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