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#1 21-09-2020 
I love The Bespoke Build set by Honeywell. I use it almost exclusively. However, sometimes I get this outcome, which I don't understand. I keep trying to add a picture, but I must be doing it wrong cause I can't get it to show. The problem is I will add windows with shutters and all is good, and then one shows up with no shutters, only the outline of the window. Does anyone have an idea? Thanks, Deb

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#2 22-09-2020 
Is the moveobjects cheat turned on in your game? If this is indeed so, turn it off. Then remove the window, and try to place it again. If you can't place it, find out WHY. THEN you know the reason why the window won't show properly.

#3 22-09-2020 
I agree with BO, that's the most likely thing...
You either have moveObjects on (so the window is not "seated" properly in the wall)
OR, there is something blocking the window - like an inside wall or a fence. If it's this problem, and the window is in fact 'seated' properly in the wall; sometimes if you save and exit to the hood, when you come back it will cut-through properly. (This is a graphic glitch that I exploit a LOT!)

If it's not one of those two things, let me know - and I'll see if I can come up with something else Tongue LOL.

#4 22-09-2020 
thanks both of you....I tend to leave move objects on when I build and decorate. I will retry the window again and not turn on the cheat until I start decorating. I hope this is the issue. Deb

PS: both of you responded to another issue I have .... think it was called clipping? I must admit to not really understanding your response (BoilingOil), as I have a basic understanding of my computer, but I am not a tech or anything close to one. I am older, bedridden, and the old eyes are not working like they used to. And suddenly, the complete brightness I have in CaS is ticking me off. I have no idea how that happened. I have changed cameras recently, but I defaulted back to Maxis to no avail. Sorry for just spilling all this -- thanks for listening.

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Hi Deb,

The only other thread I can imagine where I responded directly to you, is Flashing Blue, which has nothing to do with clipping.
If it was another thread, then I hope that you can find it back.
If you were to go back to that thread where you had trouble understanding my response, and you quoted the part that you didn't understand, with an explanation of what was incomprehensible about it, I would gladly try to explain it in terms that would hopefully be easier for you. Because if I try to help someone, I'd like for my help to be actually helpful!

Happy Simming,

#6 22-09-2020 
@BoilingOil - I think she is referring to this thread - about the bightness issues?

@Deb - Did you get the black-box shadow sorted? For that you can either turn your 'Shadow' setting back to medium (which has to be done from inside a lot; then go to the graphic settings options, and it's the top left option.) OR, you can download the 'fix' that Lee posted the link too: Black Box Shadow Fix

As for the brightness levels... Did you install Numenor's Scriptorium - with the Radiance Light System? If not, maybe you should? A: you'll need it for custom stairs anyway, and B: The radiance lighting will overwrite some of your lighting files, which may help with the brightness problem. I'm not entirely sure, because I don't really know what the problem is. I've never had anything like that...
And, it only happens in CAS? Not in the hood or a house?

#7 22-09-2020 
Catherine, the shadow box is fixed as is Free will. I looked at MTS and found a radiance light system by Gunmod, but not Numeror. I use Scriptorium all the time. I reviewed the radiance light system, and didn't see anything about lighting in CaS -- and that is the place I am having the "too much light" issue. I have installed the Carina Stairs light that Numeror made, that required a file to be put in the light section of Scriptorium...could that be doing it? And sorry, BoilingOil, I tend to ramble and throw all kinds of stuff together. Deb
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#8 22-09-2020 
No - those stairs are fine (and their light file)...
Yes, Radiance is by Gunmod - but, Numenor has it as an optional install with the Scriptorium. If you have scriptorium, then you prolly have radiance Wink
And, you're right, I don't think it touches CAS. I hardly ever have anything to do with CAS Blush I don't really care what my sims look like, only that they have the appropiate house to live in Big Grin

I will keep thinking... but I'm not sure I'll be much help with the lighting issue. Sorry.
Did the window issue get fixed?

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(22-09-2020 04:13 PM)CatherineTCJD Wrote:  @BoilingOil - I think she is referring to this thread - about the bightness issues?

I did not post in that thread, though... Cool

(22-09-2020 06:32 PM)altanna Wrote:  And sorry, BoilingOil, I tend to ramble and throw all kinds of stuff together. Deb

Don't worry about it, dear. At least you got my name right; that's a big point in your favor.
Anyway, I ramble too, occasionally. I cannot blame my age, though, because there has been something wrong with me since birth. Cool

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I have a question, I'm playing Sims 2 complete collection on windows 8.1. I believe my graphics card is intel core i3. For some reason it crashes sometimes and I'm not sure how to fix it.


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